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Lexicon :: Strong's H6412 - pālîṭ

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Part of Speech
masculine noun
Root Word (Etymology)
Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 1774b,1774c

Strong’s Definitions

פָּלִיט pâlîyṭ, paw-leet'; or פָּלֵיט pâlêyṭ; or פָּלֵט pâlêṭ; from H6403; a refugee:—(that have) escape(-d, -th), fugitive.

KJV Translation Count — Total: 21x

The KJV translates Strong's H6412 in the following manner: escape (20x), fugitives (1x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 21x
The KJV translates Strong's H6412 in the following manner: escape (20x), fugitives (1x).
  1. refugee, fugitive, escaped one

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
פָּלִיט pâlîyṭ, paw-leet'; or פָּלֵיט pâlêyṭ; or פָּלֵט pâlêṭ; from H6403; a refugee:—(that have) escape(-d, -th), fugitive.
STRONGS H6412: Abbreviations
פָּלִיט noun masculineAmos 9:1 escaped one, fugitive; — פ׳ absolute 2 Kings 9:15 +; plural constructפְּלִיטֵי Judges 12:4 +; suffix פְּלִיטָיו Obadiah 14, etc.; — Amos 9:1; 2 Kings 9:15; Genesis 14:13; Ezekiel 24:26, 27; Ezekiel 33:21 (+ מִן local), Ezekiel 33:22; שָׂרִיד וּפ׳ Joshua 8:22; Jeremiah 42:17; וְשָׂרִיד פ׳ Jeremiah 44:14; Lamentations 2:22; with genitive subject Judges 12:5 fugitives of Ephraim (strike out in Judges 12:4, see GFM), so with suffix Ezekiel 6:9; Ezekiel 7:16; Obadiah 14; with genitive object, escaped of, i.e. from Isaiah 45:20, so חֶרֶב פְּלּיטֵי Jeremiah 44:28; Ezekiel 6:8.

† [פָּלֵיט] noun masculine id.; — plural פְּלֵיטִם Numbers 21:29 (as appositive, or adjective), יִ֯ם Isaiah 66:19; פְּלֵטִים Jeremiah 44:14, + מִן from Jeremiah 50:28; Jeremiah 51:50.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Strong's Number H6412 matches the Hebrew פָּלִיט (pālîṭ),
which occurs 24 times in 23 verses in the WLC Hebrew.

Unchecked Copy BoxGen 14:13 -

Then [fn]a survivor H6412 came and told Abram the Hebrew. Now he was residing by the [fn]oaks of Mamre the Amorite, brother of Eshcol and brother of Aner, and they were [fn]allies with Abram.

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 21:29 -

“Woe to you, Moab!

You are destroyed, people of Chemosh!

He has given his sons as fugitives H6412,

And his daughters into captivity,

To an Amorite king, Sihon.

Unchecked Copy BoxJos 8:22 - [fn]The others came out from the city to confront them, so that they were trapped in the midst of Israel, [fn]some on this side and some on that side; and they [fn]killed them until there was not one [fn]left who escaped or survived H6412.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 12:4 - Then Jephthah gathered all the men of Gilead and fought Ephraim; and the men of Gilead [fn]defeated Ephraim, because they said, “You are survivors H6412 of Ephraim, you Gileadites, in the midst of Ephraim and in the midst of Manasseh.”
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 12:5 - And the Gileadites took control of the crossing places of the Jordan opposite Ephraim. And it happened whenever any of the survivors H6412 of Ephraim said, “Let me cross over,” that the men of Gilead would say to him, “Are you an Ephraimite?” If he said, “No,”
Unchecked Copy Box2Ki 9:15 - but King [fn]Joram had returned to Jezreel to have himself healed of the wounds which the Arameans had [fn]inflicted on him when he fought Hazael king of Aram. So Jehu said to the other men, “If this is your [fn]intent, then let no [fn]one H6412 escape H6412 from the city to go tell about it in Jezreel.”
Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 45:20 -

“Gather yourselves and come;

Come together, you survivors H6412 of the nations!

They have no knowledge,

Who carry around [fn]their wooden idol

And pray to a god who cannot save.

Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 66:19 - “And I will put a sign among them and send survivors H6412 from them to the nations: Tarshish, [fn]Put, Lud, [fn]Meshech, Tubal, and [fn]Javan, to the distant coastlands that have neither heard of My fame nor seen My glory. And they will declare My glory among the nations.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 42:17 - “So all the people who set their [fn]minds to go to Egypt to reside there will die by the sword, by famine, or by plague; and they will have no refugees or survivors H6412 from the disaster that I am going to bring on them.”’”
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 44:14 - ‘So there will be no survivor H6412 or refugee for the remnant of Judah who have entered the land of Egypt to reside there and then to return to the land of Judah, to which they are [fn]longing to return to live; for none will return except a few refugees H6412.’”
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 44:28 - ‘Those who H6412 escape H6412 the sword will return from the land of Egypt to the land of Judah [fn]few in number. Then all the remnant of Judah who have gone to the land of Egypt to reside there will know whose word will stand, Mine or theirs.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 50:28 -

There is a sound of fugitives and refugees H6412 from the land of Babylon,

To declare in Zion the vengeance of the LORD our God,

Vengeance for His temple.

Unchecked Copy BoxJer 51:50 -

You who H6412 have escaped H6412 the sword,

Go! Do not stay!

Remember the LORD from far away,

And let Jerusalem [fn]come to your mind.

Unchecked Copy BoxLam 2:22 -

“You called as on the day of an appointed feast

My terrors on every side;

And there was no one who H6412 survived H6412 or escaped

On the day of the LORD’S anger.

As for those whom I brought forth healthy and whom I raised,

My enemy annihilated them.”

Unchecked Copy BoxEze 6:8 -

“However, I will leave a remnant, in that you will have those who H6412 escaped H6412 the sword among the nations when you are scattered among the countries.

Unchecked Copy BoxEze 6:9 - “Then those of you who H6412 escape H6412 will remember Me among the nations to which they will be taken captive, how I have [fn]been hurt by their adulterous hearts which turned away from Me, and by their eyes which committed infidelity with their idols; and they will loathe themselves in their own sight for the evils which they have committed, for all their abominations.
Unchecked Copy BoxEze 7:16 - ‘Even when their survivors H6412 escape, they will be on the mountains like doves of the valleys, all of them moaning, each over his own wrongdoing.
Unchecked Copy BoxEze 24:26 - that on that day the one who H6412 escapes H6412 will come to you with information for your ears?
Unchecked Copy BoxEze 24:27 - ‘On that day your mouth will be opened to him who H6412 escaped H6412, and you will speak and no longer be silenced. So you will be a sign to them, and they will know that I am the LORD.’”
Unchecked Copy BoxEze 33:21 -

Now in the twelfth year of our exile, on the fifth of the tenth month, the survivor H6412 from Jerusalem came to me, saying, “The city has been [fn]taken.”

Unchecked Copy BoxEze 33:22 - Now the hand of the LORD had been upon me in the evening, before the survivors H6412 came. And He opened my mouth [fn]at the time they came to me in the morning; so my mouth was opened and I was no longer [fn]speechless.
Unchecked Copy BoxAmo 9:1 -

I saw the Lord standing beside the altar, and He said,

“Strike the pillar capitals so that the thresholds will shake,

And break them on the heads of them all!

Then I will put to death the rest of them with the sword;

They will not have a fugitive who will flee,

Nor a survivor H6412 who will escape.

Unchecked Copy BoxOba 1:14 -

“Do not stand at the crossroads

To eliminate their survivors H6412;

And do not hand over their refugees

On the day of their distress.

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