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Lexicon :: Strong's H8135 - śin'â

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Part of Speech
feminine noun
Root Word (Etymology)
Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 2272b

Strong’s Definitions

שִׂנְאָה sinʼâh, sin-aw'; from H8130; hate:— exceedingly, hate(-ful, -red).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 16x

The KJV translates Strong's H8135 in the following manner: hatred (13x), hated (2x), hatefully (1x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 16x
The KJV translates Strong's H8135 in the following manner: hatred (13x), hated (2x), hatefully (1x).
  1. hating, hatred, hate

    1. hatred

      1. of man, God

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
שִׂנְאָה sinʼâh, sin-aw'; from H8130; hate:— exceedingly, hate(-ful, -red).
STRONGS H8135: Abbreviations
שִׂנְאָה noun feminine hating, hatred; — absolute שׂ׳ Numbers 35:20 +, construct שִׂנְאַת Deuteronomy 1:27; Proverbs 25:10; suffix שִׂנְאָתֶיךָ Ezekiel 35:11 (plural אֹתֶיךָii. 1, § 88 compare Ol§ 131 k, but < read שִׂנְאָֽתְךָ Greek Version of the LXX Co Berthol Toy, compare Ges§ 91l), etc.; — hatred (sometimes opposed to אַהֲבָה):
1. human, Numbers 35:20 (P), Ezekiel 23:29; Ezekiel 35:11; Proverbs 10:12, 18; Proverbs 15:17; Proverbs 26:26; Psalm 109:5; Ecclesiastes 9:1, 6; דִּבְרֵי שׂ׳ Psalm 109:3; emphatic, שִׂנְאַת חָמָס Psalm 25:19, תַּכְלִית שׂ׳ Psalm 139:22 (against י׳'s foes), also (of sexual revulsion) גְּדוֺלָה שׂ׳ 2 Samuel 13:15 (all accusative of congnate meaning with verb).
2. י׳'s hating, as verb, with accusative of person Deuteronomy 1:27; Deuteronomy 9:28.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com

BLB Scripture Index of Brown-Driver-Briggs


35:20; 35:20


1:27; 1:27; 9:28

2 Samuel



25:19; 109:3; 109:5; 139:22


10:12; 10:18; 15:17; 25:10; 26:26


9:1; 9:6


23:29; 35:11; 35:11


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Strong's Number H8135 matches the Hebrew שִׂנְאָה (śin'â),
which occurs 17 times in 16 verses in the WLC Hebrew.

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 35:20 -

“Likewise, if anyone in hatred pushes a person or throws an object at him with malicious intent and he dies,

Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 1:27 -

“You grumbled in your tents and said, ‘The LORD brought us out of the land of Egypt to hand us over to the Amorites in order to destroy us, because he hates us.

Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 9:28 -

“Otherwise, those in the land you brought us from will say, ‘Because the LORD wasn’t able to bring them into the land he had promised them, and because he hated them, he brought them out to kill them in the wilderness.’

Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 13:15 -

So Amnon hated Tamar with such intensity that the hatred he hated her with was greater than the love he had loved her with. “Get out of here! ” he said.

Unchecked Copy BoxPsa 25:19 -

Consider my enemies; they are numerous,

and they hate me violently.

Unchecked Copy BoxPsa 109:3 -

They surround me with hateful words

and attack me without cause.

Unchecked Copy BoxPsa 109:5 -

They repay me evil for good,

and hatred for my love.

Unchecked Copy BoxPsa 139:22 -

I hate them with extreme hatred;

I consider them my enemies.

Unchecked Copy BoxPro 10:12 -

Hatred stirs up conflicts,

but love covers all offenses.

Unchecked Copy BoxPro 10:18 -

The one who conceals hatred has lying lips,

and whoever spreads slander is a fool.

Unchecked Copy BoxPro 15:17 -

Better a meal of vegetables where there is love

than a fattened ox with hatred.

Unchecked Copy BoxPro 26:26 -

Though his hatred is concealed by deception,

his evil will be revealed in the assembly.

Unchecked Copy BoxEcc 9:1 -

Indeed, I took all this to heart and explained it all: The righteous, the wise, and their works are in God’s hands. People don’t know whether to expect love or hate. Everything lies ahead of them.

Unchecked Copy BoxEcc 9:6 -

Their love, their hate, and their envy have already disappeared, and there is no longer a portion for them in all that is done under the sun.

Unchecked Copy BoxEze 23:29 -

“They will treat you with hatred, take all you have worked for, and leave you stark naked, so that the shame of your debauchery will be exposed, both your depravity and promiscuity.

Unchecked Copy BoxEze 35:11 -

therefore, as I live ​— ​this is the declaration of the Lord GOD ​— ​I will treat you according to the anger and jealousy you showed in your hatred of them. I will make myself known among them[fn] when I judge you.

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