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Leviticus 26 :: New Living Translation (NLT)

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Blessings for Obedience
(Deu 7:12–24; 28:1–68 )
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:1 - “Do not make idols or set up carved images, or sacred pillars, or sculptured stones in your land so you may worship them. I am the LORD your God.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:2 - You must keep my Sabbath days of rest and show reverence for my sanctuary. I am the LORD.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:3 - “If you follow my decrees and are careful to obey my commands,
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:4 - I will send you the seasonal rains. The land will then yield its crops, and the trees of the field will produce their fruit.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:5 - Your threshing season will overlap with the grape harvest, and your grape harvest will overlap with the season of planting grain. You will eat your fill and live securely in your own land.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:6 - “I will give you peace in the land, and you will be able to sleep with no cause for fear. I will rid the land of wild animals and keep your enemies out of your land.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:7 - In fact, you will chase down your enemies and slaughter them with your swords.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:8 - Five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand! All your enemies will fall beneath your sword.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:9 - “I will look favorably upon you, making you fertile and multiplying your people. And I will fulfill my covenant with you.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:10 - You will have such a surplus of crops that you will need to clear out the old grain to make room for the new harvest!
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:11 - I will live among you, and I will not despise you.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:12 - I will walk among you; I will be your God, and you will be my people.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:13 - I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt so you would no longer be their slaves. I broke the yoke of slavery from your neck so you can walk with your heads held high.
Punishments for Disobedience
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:14 - “However, if you do not listen to me or obey all these commands,
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:15 - and if you break my covenant by rejecting my decrees, treating my regulations with contempt, and refusing to obey my commands,
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:16 - I will punish you. I will bring sudden terrors upon you—wasting diseases and burning fevers that will cause your eyes to fail and your life to ebb away. You will plant your crops in vain because your enemies will eat them.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:17 - I will turn against you, and you will be defeated by your enemies. Those who hate you will rule over you, and you will run even when no one is chasing you!
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:18 - “And if, in spite of all this, you still disobey me, I will punish you seven times over for your sins.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:19 - I will break your proud spirit by making the skies as unyielding as iron and the earth as hard as bronze.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:20 - All your work will be for nothing, for your land will yield no crops, and your trees will bear no fruit.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:21 - “If even then you remain hostile toward me and refuse to obey me, I will inflict disaster on you seven times over for your sins.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:22 - I will send wild animals that will rob you of your children and destroy your livestock. Your numbers will dwindle, and your roads will be deserted.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:23 - “And if you fail to learn the lesson and continue your hostility toward me,
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:24 - then I myself will be hostile toward you. I will personally strike you with calamity seven times over for your sins.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:25 - I will send armies against you to carry out the curse of the covenant you have broken. When you run to your towns for safety, I will send a plague to destroy you there, and you will be handed over to your enemies.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:26 - I will destroy your food supply, so that ten women will need only one oven to bake bread for their families. They will ration your food by weight, and though you have food to eat, you will not be satisfied.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:27 - “If in spite of all this you still refuse to listen and still remain hostile toward me,
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:28 - then I will give full vent to my hostility. I myself will punish you seven times over for your sins.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:29 - Then you will eat the flesh of your own sons and daughters.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:30 - I will destroy your pagan shrines and knock down your places of worship. I will leave your lifeless corpses piled on top of your lifeless idols,[fn] and I will despise you.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:31 - I will make your cities desolate and destroy your places of pagan worship. I will take no pleasure in your offerings that should be a pleasing aroma to me.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:32 - Yes, I myself will devastate your land, and your enemies who come to occupy it will be appalled at what they see.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:33 - I will scatter you among the nations and bring out my sword against you. Your land will become desolate, and your cities will lie in ruins.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:34 - Then at last the land will enjoy its neglected Sabbath years as it lies desolate while you are in exile in the land of your enemies. Then the land will finally rest and enjoy the Sabbaths it missed.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:35 - As long as the land lies in ruins, it will enjoy the rest you never allowed it to take every seventh year while you lived in it.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:36 - “And for those of you who survive, I will demoralize you in the land of your enemies. You will live in such fear that the sound of a leaf driven by the wind will send you fleeing. You will run as though fleeing from a sword, and you will fall even when no one pursues you.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:37 - Though no one is chasing you, you will stumble over each other as though fleeing from a sword. You will have no power to stand up against your enemies.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:38 - You will die among the foreign nations and be devoured in the land of your enemies.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:39 - Those of you who survive will waste away in your enemies’ lands because of their sins and the sins of their ancestors.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:40 - “But at last my people will confess their sins and the sins of their ancestors for betraying me and being hostile toward me.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:41 - When I have turned their hostility back on them and brought them to the land of their enemies, then at last their stubborn hearts will be humbled, and they will pay for their sins.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:42 - Then I will remember my covenant with Jacob and my covenant with Isaac and my covenant with Abraham, and I will remember the land.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:43 - For the land must be abandoned to enjoy its years of Sabbath rest as it lies deserted. At last the people will pay for their sins, for they have continually rejected my regulations and despised my decrees.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:44 - “But despite all this, I will not utterly reject or despise them while they are in exile in the land of their enemies. I will not cancel my covenant with them by wiping them out, for I am the LORD their God.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:45 - For their sakes I will remember my ancient covenant with their ancestors, whom I brought out of the land of Egypt in the sight of all the nations, that I might be their God. I am the LORD.”
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:46 - These are the decrees, regulations, and instructions that the LORD gave through Moses on Mount Sinai as evidence of the relationship between himself and the Israelites.
NLT Footnotes
The Hebrew term (literally round things) probably alludes to dung.

Holy Bible, New Living Translation copyright © 1996, 2004, 2007 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.

Full copyright information is provided here. Visit the New Living Translation website.

For more information on this translation, see the NLT Preface.

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