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Dictionaries :: Ships

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Below are articles from the following 2 dictionaries:
Easton's Bible Dictionary


early used in foreign commerce by the Phoenicians (Gen 49:13). Moses (Deu 28:68) and Job (Job 9:26) make reference to them, and Balaam speaks of the "ships of Chittim" (Num 24:24). Solomon constructed a navy at Ezion-geber by the assistance of Hiram's sailors (1Ki 9:26-28; 2Ch 8:18). Afterwards, Jehoshaphat sought to provide himself with a navy at the same port, but his ships appear to have been wrecked before they set sail (1Ki 22:48,49; 2Ch 20:35-37).

In our Lord's time fishermen's boats on the Sea of Galilee were called "ships." Much may be learned regarding the construction of ancient merchant ships and navigation from the record in Acts 27, 28.

Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Ships: Probably Originated from the Ark Made by Noah

Gen 7:17,18

Ships: Antiquity Of, among the Jews

Gen 49:13; Jdg 5:17

Ships: Described As


Isa 33:21


Jam 3:4


Isa 23:14


Job 9:26

Ships: Solomon Built a Navy Of

1Ki 9:26

Ships: Mentioned in Scripture

Of Chittim

Num 24:24; Dan 11:30

Of Tarshish

Isa 23:1; 60:9

Of Adramyttium

Act 27:2

Of Alexandria

Act 27:6

Of Chaldea

Isa 43:14

Of Tyre

2Ch 8:18

Ships: Generally Made of the Fir Tree

Eze 27:5

Ships: Sometimes Made of Bulrushes

Isa 18:2

Ships: The Seams Of, Were Caulked

Eze 27:9,27

Ships: Parts of Mentioned

The forepart or foreship

Act 27:30,41

The hinder part or stern

Act 27:29,41

The hold or between the sides

Jon 1:5

The mast

Isa 33:23; Eze 27:5

The sails

Isa 33:23; Eze 27:7

The tackling

Isa 33:23; Act 27:19

The rudder or helm

Jam 3:4

The rudder-bands

Act 27:40

The anchors

Act 27:29,40

The boats

Act 27:30,32

The oars

Isa 33:21; Eze 27:6

Ships: Often the Property of Individuals

Act 27:11

Ships: Commanded by a Master

Jon 1:6; Act 27:11

Ships: Guided in Their Course by Pilots

Eze 27:8,27-29

Ships: Governed and Directed by the Helm

Jam 3:4

Ships: Course of frequently directed by the heavenly bodies

Act 27:20

Ships: Worked by Mariners or Sailors

Eze 27:9,27; Jon 1:5; Act 27:30

Ships: Generally Impelled by Sails

Act 27:2-7

Ships: Often Impelled by Oars

Jon 1:13; Jhn 6:19

Ships: Navigated


Isa 33:21


Luk 5:1,2

The ocean

Psa 104:26; 107:23

Ships: Soundings Usually Taken For, in Dangerous Places

Act 27:28

Ships: Usually Distinguished by Signs or Figure Heads

Act 28:11

Ships: Course of, through the midst of the sea, wonderful

Pro 30:18,19

Ships: Employed In


1Ki 22:48; 2Ch 8:18; 9:21


Mat 4:21; Luk 5:4-9; Jhn 21:3-8


Num 24:24; Dan 11:30,40

Carrying passengers

Jon 1:3; Act 27:2,6; 28:11

Ships: The Hinder Part Of, Occupied by the Passengers

Mar 4:38

Ships: Endangered By


Jon 1:4; Mar 4:37,38


Act 27:17


Act 27:29

Ships: When damaged were sometimes undergirded with cables

Act 27:17

Ships: Were Often Wrecked

1Ki 22:48; Psa 48:7; Act 27:41-44; 2Cr 11:25

Ships: Illustrative

Of industrious women

Pro 31:14

(Wrecked,) of departure from the faith

1Ti 1:19


The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.