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Dictionaries :: Feet, The

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Feet, The: Necessary Members of the Body

1Cr 12:15,21

Feet, The: Parts Of, Mentioned in Scripture


Psa 41:9; 49:5; Hsa 12:3


Deu 11:24; 1Ki 5:3


Exd 29:20; 2Sa 21:20; Dan 2:41

Feet, The: Often Swift

2Sa 2:18; 22:34

Feet, The: Were Liable To


1Ki 15:23

Swelling from walking

Deu 8:4

Injury from stones, &c

Psa 91:12

Feet, The: Early Use of Shoes

Exd 12:11

Feet, The: Of Women Often Adorned with Tingling Ornaments

Isa 3:16,18

Feet, The: Of the Jews

Neglected in affliction

2Sa 19:24; Eze 24:17

Bare in affliction

2Sa 15:30

Washed frequently

2Sa 11:8; Sgs 5:3

Feet, The: Stamped on the Ground in Extreme Joy or Grief

Eze 6:11; 25:6

Feet, The: Washing for Others, a Menial Office

1Sa 25:41; Jhn 13:5-14

Feet, The: Of Strangers and Travellers Washed

Gen 18:4; 19:2; 24:32; 1Ti 5:10

Feet, The: Neglect of Washing, Disrespectful to Guest

Luk 7:44

Feet, The: Respect Exhibited by Falling At

1Sa 25:24; 2Ki 4:37; Est 8:3; Mar 5:22; Act 10:25

Feet, The: Reverence Expressed by Kissing

Luk 7:38,45

Feet, The: Sleep Expressed by Covering

1Sa 24:3

Feet, The: Subjection Expressed by Licking the Dust Of

Isa 49:23

Feet, The: Condemnation Expressed by Shaking the Dust From

Mat 10:14; Mar 6:11

Feet, The: Subjugation of enemies expressed by placing on their necks

Jos 10:24; Psa 110:1

Feet, The: Origin of Uncovering in Consecrated Places

Exd 3:5; Jos 5:15

Feet, The: Of Enemies Often Maimed and Cut Off

Jdg 1:6,7; 2Sa 4:12

Feet, The: Of Criminals

Bound with fetters

Psa 105:18

Placed in stocks

Job 13:27; Act 16:24

Feet, The: Path Of, to Be Pondered

Pro 4:26

Feet, The: To Be Refrained from Evil

Pro 1:15; Hbr 12:13

Feet, The: To Be Turned to God's Testimonies

Psa 119:59

Feet, The: To Be Directed by God's Word

Psa 119:105

Feet, The: To Be Guided by Wisdom and Discretion

Pro 3:21,23,26

Feet, The: Of the Wicked

Swift to mischief

Pro 6:18

Swift to shed blood

Pro 1:16; Rom 3:15


Job 18:8; Psa 9:15

Feet, The: Of Saints

At liberty

Psa 18:36; 31:8

Kept by God

1Sa 2:9; Psa 116:8

Established by God

Psa 66:9; 121:3

Guided by Christ

Isa 48:17; Luk 1:79

Feet, The: Illustrative

(Set on a rock,) of stability

Psa 40:2

(Set in a large place,) of liberty

Psa 31:8

(Sliding,) of yielding to temptation

Job 12:5; Psa 17:5; 38:16; 94:18

(Treading under,) of complete destruction

Isa 18:7; Lam 1:15

(Washed or dipped in oil,) of abundance

Deu 33:24; Job 29:6

(Dipped in blood,) of victory

Psa 68:23


The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.