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Study Resources :: Dictionaries :: Bind, Binding (See Also Bound)

Dictionaries :: Bind, Binding (See Also Bound)

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
1 Strong's Number: g1210 Greek: deo

Bind, Binding (See Also Bound):

"to bind," is used

(a) literally, of any sort of "binding," e.g., Act 22:5; 24:27,

(b) figuratively, of the Word of God, as not being "bound," 2Ti 2:9, i.e., its ministry, course and efficacy were not hindered by the bonds and imprisonment suffered by the Apostle. A woman who was bent together, had been "bound" by Satan through the work of a demon, Luk 13:16. Paul speaks of himself, in Act 20:22, as being "bound in the spirit," i.e., compelled by his convictions, under the constraining power of the Spirit of God, to go to Jerusalem. A wife is said to be "bound" to her husband, Rom 7:2; 1Cr 7:39; and the husband to the wife, 1Cr 7:27. The Lord's words to the Apostle Peter in Mat 16:19, as to "binding," and to all the disciples in Mat 18:18, signify, in the former case, that the Apostle, by his ministry of the Word of Life, would keep unbelievers outside the kingdom of God, and admit those who believed. So with regard to Mat 18:18, including the exercise of disciplinary measures in the sphere of the local church; the application of the Rabbinical sense of forbidding is questionable.
See BOND, KNIT, Note, TIE.

2 Strong's Number: g4019 Greek: perideo

Bind, Binding (See Also Bound):

peri, "around," with No. 1, "to bind around," is used in Jhn 11:44 of the napkin around the face of Lazarus. Cp. Job 12:18, Sept.

3 Strong's Number: g5265 Greek: hupodeo

Bind, Binding (See Also Bound):

hupo, "under," with No. 1, "to bind underneath," is used of binding of sandals, Act 12:8; rendered "shod" in Mar 6:9; Eph 6:15.

4 Strong's Number: g2611 Greek: katadeo

Bind, Binding (See Also Bound):

kata, "down," with No. 1, "to bind or tie down, or bind up," is used in Luk 10:34 of the act of the good Samaritan.

5 Strong's Number: g4887 Greek: sundeo

Bind, Binding (See Also Bound):

sun, "together," and No. 1, "to bind together," implying association, is used in Hbr 13:3 of those bound together in confinement.

6 Strong's Number: g1195 Greek: desmeuo|desmeo

Bind, Binding (See Also Bound):

signifies "to put in fetters or any kind of bond," Luk 8:29; Act 22:4, or "to bind a burden upon a person," Mat 23:4. The verb is connected with No. 1.


(1) Cp. desmos, "a band, bond, fetter," e.g., Luk 13:16, and desmios, "bound," Act 25:14, AV (RV, "a prisoner"); Hbr 13:3, "them that are in bonds."

(2) Sundesmos (see No. 5, above), "that which binds together," is translated "bands," in Col 2:19.

7 Strong's Number: g4385 Greek: proteino

Bind, Binding (See Also Bound):

lit., "to stretch forth" (pro, "forth," teino, "to stretch"), is used in Act 22:25, AV, "they bound;" RV, "they had tied (him) up," in reference to the preparations made for scourging, probably, to stretch the body forward, to make it tense for severer punishment.
See TIE.


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