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Dictionaries :: Habitation

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Easton's Bible Dictionary


God is the habitation of his people, who find rest and safety in him (Psa 71:3; 91:9). Justice and judgment are the habitation of God's throne (Psa 89:14, Heb. mekhon, "foundation"), because all his acts are founded on justice and judgment. (See Psa 132:5,13; Eph 2:22, of Canaan, Jerusalem, and the temple as God's habitation.) God inhabits eternity (Isa 57:15), i.e., dwells not only among men, but in eternity, where time is unknown; and "the praises of Israel" (Psa 22:3), i.e., he dwells among those praises and is continually surrounded by them.

International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia


hab-i-ta'-shun: Properly a place of sojourn or dwelling. The term in the King James Version representing some 16 Hebrew words (moshabh, ma‘-on, mishkan, naweh, etc.), and 5 Greek words, is variously changed in certain passages in the Revised Version (British and American), as Ge 49:5, "swords"; Le 13:46 "dwelling"; Job 5:24; Jer 25:30 b, 37, "fold"; Ps 89:14; 97:2, etc., "foundation"; Ps 132:5, "tabernacle"; Lu 16:9, "tabernacles," etc. Conversely, "habitation" appears in the Revised Version (British and American) for the King James Version "dwelling place" in 2Ch 30:27; Ps 79:7, "house"; Ps 83:12; 2Co 5:2, "tabernacle," Ac 7:46, etc.

Written by James Orr


Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
1 Strong's Number: g3613 Greek: oiketerion


"a habitation" (from oiketer, "an inhabitant," and oikos, "a dwelling"), is used in Jud 1:6, of the heavenly region appointed by God as the dwelling place of angels; in 2Cr 5:2, RV, "habitation," AV, "house," figuratively of the spiritual bodies of believers when raised or changed at the return of the Lord.

2 Strong's Number: g2732 Greek: katoiketerion


(kata, "down," used intensively, and No. 1), implying more permanency than No. 1, is used in Eph 2:22 of the church as the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit; in Rev 18:2 of Babylon, figuratively, as the dwelling place of demons.

3 Strong's Number: g2733 Greek: katoikia


"a settlement, colony, dwelling" (kata, and oikos, see above), is used in Act 17:26, of the localities Divinely appointed as the dwelling places of the nations.

4 Strong's Number: g1886 Greek: epaulis


"a farm, a dwelling" (epi, "upon," aulis, "a place in which to pass the night, a country house, cottage or cabin, a fold"), is used in Act 1:20 of the habitation of Judas.

5 Strong's Number: g4633 Greek: skene


akin to skenoo, "to dwell in a tent or tabernacle," is rendered "habitations" in Luk 16:9, AV (RV, "tabernacles"), of the eternal dwelling places of the redeemed.

6 Strong's Number: g4638 Greek: skenoma


"a booth," or "tent pitched" (akin to No. 5), is used of the Temple as God's dwelling, as that which David desired to build, Act 7:46 (RV, "habitation," AV, "tabernacle"); metaphorically of the body as a temporary tabernacle, 2Pe 1:13, 14.


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