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Dictionaries :: Pardon

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Easton's Bible Dictionary


the forgiveness of sins granted freely (Isa 43:25), readily (Neh 9:17; Psa 86:5), abundantly (Isa 55:7; Rom 5:20). Pardon is an act of a sovereign, in pure sovereignty, granting simply a remission of the penalty due to sin, but securing neither honour nor reward to the pardoned. Justification (q.v.), on the other hand, is the act of a judge, and not of a sovereign, and includes pardon and, at the same time, a title to all the rewards and blessings promised in the covenant of life.

International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia


par'-d'n, par'-dun.


Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Pardon: Promised

Isa 1:18; Jer 31:34; Hbr 8:12; Jer 50:20

Pardon: None without Shedding of Blood

Lev 17:11; Hbr 9:22

Pardon: Legal Sacrifices, Ineffectual For

Hbr 10:4

Pardon: Outward Purifications, Ineffectual For

Job 9:30,31; Jer 2:22

Pardon: The Blood of Christ, Alone, Is Efficacious For

Zec 13:1; 1Jo 1:7

Pardon: Is Granted

By God alone

Dan 9:9; Mar 2:7

By Christ

Mar 2:5; Luk 7:48

Through Christ

Luk 1:69,77; Act 5:31; 13:38

Through the blood of Christ

Mat 26:28; Rom 3:25; Col 1:14

For the name's sake of Christ

1Jo 2:12

According to the riches of grace

Eph 1:7

On the exaltation of Christ

Act 5:31


Isa 43:25


Neh 9:17; Psa 86:5


Isa 55:7; Rom 5:20

To those who confess their sins

2Sa 12:13; Psa 32:5; 1Jo 1:9

To those who repent

Act 2:38

To those who believe

Act 10:43

Pardon: Should Be Preached in the Name of Christ

Luk 24:47

Pardon: Exhibits The

Compassion of God

Mic 7:18,19

Grace of God

Rom 5:15,16

Mercy of God

Exd 34:7; Psa 51:1

Goodness of God

2Ch 30:18; Psa 86:5

Forbearance of God

Rom 3:25

Loving-kindness of God

Psa 51:1

Justice of God

1Jo 1:9

Faithfulness of God

1Jo 1:9

Pardon: Expressed By

Forgiving transgression

Psa 32:1

Removing transgression

Psa 103:12

Blotting out transgression

Isa 44:22

Covering sin

Psa 32:1

Blotting out sin

Act 3:19

Casting sins into the sea

Mic 7:19

Not imputing sin

Rom 4:8

Not mentioning transgression

Eze 18:22

Remembering sins no more

Hbr 10:17

Pardon: All Saints Enjoy

Col 2:13; 1Jo 2:12

Pardon: Blessedness Of

Psa 32:1; Rom 4:7

Pardon: Should Lead To

Returning to God

Isa 44:22

Loving God

Luk 7:47

Fearing God

Psa 130:4

Praising God

Psa 103:2,3

Pardon: Ministers Are Appointed to Proclaim

Isa 40:1,2; 2Cr 5:19

Pardon: Pray For

For yourselves

Psa 25:11,18; 51:1; Mat 6:12; Luk 11:4

For others

Jam 5:15; 1Jo 5:16

Pardon: Encouragement to Pray For

2Ch 7:14

Pardon: Withheld From

The unforgiving

Mar 11:26; Luk 6:37

The unbelieving

Jhn 8:21,24

The impenitent

Luk 13:2-5

Blasphemers against the Holy Spirit

Mat 12:32; Mar 3:28,29


Hbr 10:26,27; 1Jo 5:16

Pardon: Illustrated

Luk 7:42; 15:20-24

Pardon: Exemplified


Num 14:20


2Sa 12:13


2Ch 33:13


Isa 38:17

The Paralytic

Mat 9:2

The Penitent

Luk 7:47

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