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The Blue Letter Bible
Study Resources :: Dictionaries :: Edomites, The

Dictionaries :: Edomites, The

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Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Edomites, The: Descended from Esau

Gen 36:9

Edomites, The: Dwelt in Mount Seir

Gen 32:3; Deu 2:4,5

Edomites, The: Were Called

Children of Esau

Deu 2:4

Brethren of Israel

Num 20:14

Edomites, The: Governed by Dukes

Gen 36:15-30,40-43; Exd 15:15

Edomites, The: Afterwards Had Kings

Gen 36:31-39; Num 20:14

Edomites, The: Under a Deputy or Viceroy While Subject to Judah

1Ki 22:47

Edomites, The: Character Of


Jer 49:7

Proud and self-confident

Jer 49:16; Oba 1:3

Strong and cruel

Jer 49:19


Eze 25:12


2Ch 25:14,20


Jer 27:3,9

Edomites, The: Carried on Extensive Commerce

Eze 27:20

Edomites, The: Country Of

Specially given to them

Deu 2:5

Fertile and rich

Gen 27:39

Mountainous and rocky

Jer 49:16; Mal 1:3

Traversed by roads

Num 20:17

Well fortified

Psa 60:9

Called Mount Seir

Eze 35:2

Called Mount of Esau

Oba 1:21

Called Dumah

Isa 21:11

Called Idumea

Isa 34:6; Mar 3:8

Called Edom

Isa 63:1

Edomites, The: Cities Of

Dinhabah or Dedan

Gen 36:32; Jer 49:8


Gen 36:35


Gen 36:39


Jer 49:22; Amo 1:12


Jer 49:7; Eze 25:13

Eziongeber, a sea port

1Ki 9:26

Edomites, The: Implacable Enemies of Israel

Eze 35:5

Edomites, The: Israel Forbidden to Hate

Deu 23:7

Edomites, The: Israel Forbidden to Spoil

Deu 2:4,6; 2Ch 20:10

Edomites, The: Might be received into the congregation in third generation

Deu 23:8

Edomites, The: Refused Israel a Passage

Num 20:21; Jdg 11:17

Edomites, The: Saul Made War Against

1Sa 14:47

Edomites, The: David Subdued, &c

2Sa 8:14; 1Ch 18:11,13

Edomites, The: Slaughter Of, by Joab and Abishai

1Ki 11:16; 1Ch 18:12

Edomites, The: Took Refuge in Egypt

1Ki 11:17-19

Edomites, The: Returned after David's Death

1Ki 11:21-22

Edomites, The: Were Stirred up against Solomon

1Ki 11:14

Edomites, The: Confederated with enemies of Israel against Jehoshaphat

2Ch 20:10; Psa 83:4-6

Edomites, The: Miraculous Overthrow Of

2Ch 20:22

Edomites, The: Revolted from Joram, King of Judah

2Ki 8:20-22; 2Ch 21:8-10

Edomites, The: Re-Conquered by Amaziah

2Ki 14:7,10; 2Ch 25:11,12

Edomites, The: The Jews Ensnared by the Idols Of, and Punished

2Ch 25:14,15,20

Edomites, The: Rebelled against Ahaz

2Ch 28:17

Edomites, The: Aided Babylon against Judah

Psa 137:7; Oba 1:11

Edomites, The: Predictions Respecting

Subjection to Israel

Gen 25:23; 27:29,37

Revolt from Israel

Gen 27:40

Israel's occupation of their country

Num 24:18; Oba 1:17-19

To share in the punishment of the nations

Jer 9:26; 25:15-27; Eze 32:29

Punishment for persecuting Israel

Isa 34:5-8; 63:1-4; Lam 4:21; Eze 25:13,14; Amo 1:11,12; Oba 1:10,15

Exterminating slaughter of

Oba 1:18

Utter desolation of their country

Isa 34:9-17; Eze 35:7-15

The king of Babylon an instrument of their punishment

Jer 27:3-6

Israel an instrument of their punishment

Eze 25:14; Oba 1:18

Their ruin to be an astonishment

Jer 49:17,21

Their future subjection to the Jews

Isa 11:14; Amo 9:12

Edomites, The: Remarkable Persons Of


1Sa 22:18


1Ki 11:14,19


Job 2:11

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