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Study Resources :: Dictionaries :: Obtain, Obtaining

Dictionaries :: Obtain, Obtaining

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
A-1 Verb Strong's Number: g5177 Greek: tunchano

Obtain, Obtaining:

"to meet with, light upon," also signifies "to obtain, attain to, reach, get" (with regard to things), translated "to obtain" in Act 26:22, of "the help that is from God;" 2Ti 2:10, of "the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory;" Hbr 8:6, of the ministry obtained by Christ; Hbr 11:35, of "a better resurrection."

A-2 Verb Strong's Number: g2013 Greek: epitunchano

Obtain, Obtaining:

primarily, "to light upon" (epi, "upon," and No. 1), denotes "to obtain," Rom 11:7 (twice); Hbr 6:15; 11:33; Jam 4:2.

A-3 Verb Strong's Number: g2975 Greek: lanchano

Obtain, Obtaining:

"to obtain by lot," is translated "that have obtained" in 2Pe 1:1; in Act 1:17, AV, "had obtained" (RV, "received"), with kleros, "a lot" or "portion."

A-4 Verb Strong's Number: g2932 Greek: ktaomai

Obtain, Obtaining:

"to procure for oneself, get, gain, acquire," is translated "obtained" in Act 1:18, RV (AV, "purchased"); Act 8:20, RV (AV, "may be purchased"); Act 22:28.

A-5 Verb Strong's Number: g2902 Greek: krateo

Obtain, Obtaining:

"to be strong," also means "to get possession of, obtain," e.g., in Act 27:13, "they had obtained (their purpose)."

A-6 Verb Strong's Number: g2983 Greek: lambano

Obtain, Obtaining:

"to take, to receive," is translated by the verb "to obtain" in 1Cr 9:25; Phl 3:12, RV, "(not that) I have (already) obtained" (contrast katantao, "to attain," Phl 3:11); Moule translates it "not that I have already received," i.e., the prize; the verb does not signify "to attain;" Hbr 4:16, AV, "obtain."
See ACCEPT, No. 4.

A-7 Verb Strong's Number: g2147 Greek: heurisko

Obtain, Obtaining:

denotes "to find;" in the Middle Voice, "to find for oneself, to procure, get, obtain," with the suggestion of accomplishing the end which had been in view; so in Hbr 9:12, "having obtained (eternal redemption)."


(1) In 1Cr 9:24, AV, katalambano, a strengthened form of No. 6 (kata, used intensively), is translated "obtain" (RV, "attain").

(2) In Hbr 11:2, 4, 39, AV, martureo, "to bear witness," and in the Passive Voice, "to have witness borne to one," is translated "to obtain" a good report, or "to obtain" witness (RV, "had witness borne").

(3) For the AV of Hbr 1:4, "He hath by inheritance obtained" (RV, "He hath inherited"), and of Eph 1:11, see INHERIT.

(4) For the phrase "to obtain mercy," the Passive Voice of eleeo in Mat 5:7; Rom 11:30, 31; 1Cr 7:25; 2Cr 4:1 (RV); 1Ti 1:13, 16; 1Pe 2:10 (twice), see MERCY.

B-1 Noun Strong's Number: g4047 Greek: peripoiesis

Obtain, Obtaining:

lit., "a making around" (peri, "around," poieo, "to do or make"), denotes

(a) "the act of obtaining" anything, as of salvation in its completeness, 1Th 5:9; 2Th 2:14;

(b) "a thing acquired, an acquisition, possession," Eph 1:14, RV, "(God's own) possession" [some would put this under (a)]; so 1Pe 2:9, RV, AV, "a peculiar (people);" cp. Isa 43:21;

(c) preservation; this may be the meaning in Hbr 10:39, "saving" (RV marg., "gaining"); cp. the corresponding verb in Luk 17:33 (in the best texts), "preserve." In the Sept. the noun has the meaning (b) in Hag 2:10; Mal 3:17, (c) in 2Ch 14:13.

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