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Study Resources :: Dictionaries :: Vain, in Vain, Vainly

Dictionaries :: Vain, in Vain, Vainly

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
A-1 Adjective Strong's Number: g2756 Greek: kenos

Vain, in Vain, Vainly:

"empty," with special reference to quality, is translated "vain" (as an adjective) in Act 4:25; 1Cr 15:10, 14 (twice); Eph 5:6; Col 2:8; Jam 2:20; in the following the neuter, kenon, follows the preposition eis, "in," and denotes "in vain," 2Cr 6:1; Gal 2:2; Phl 2:16 (twice); 1Th 3:5.
See EMPTY, B, where the applications are enumerated.

A-2 Adjective Strong's Number: g3152 Greek: mataios

Vain, in Vain, Vainly:

"void of result," is used of

(a) idolatrous practices, Act 14:15, RV, "vain things" (AV, "vanities");

(b) the thoughts of the wise, 1Cr 3:20;

(c) faith, if Christ is not risen, 1Cr 15:17;

(d) questionings, strifes, etc., Tts 3:9;

(e) religion, with an unbridled tongue, Jam 1:26;

(f) manner of life, 1Pe 1:18. For the contrast between No. 1 and No. 2 see EMPTY.

Note: For mataiologoi, Tts 1:10, see TALKERS (vain).

B-1 Verb Strong's Number: g3154 Greek: mataioo

Vain, in Vain, Vainly:

"to make vain, or foolish," corresponding in meaning to A, No. 2, occurs in Rom 1:21, "became vain."

B-2 Verb Strong's Number: g2758 Greek: kenoo

Vain, in Vain, Vainly:

"to empty," corresponding to A, No. 1, is translated "should be in vain" in 2Cr 9:3, AV.

C-1 Adverb Strong's Number: g3155 Greek: maten

Vain, in Vain, Vainly:

properly the accusative case of mate, "a fault, a folly," signifies "in vain, to no purpose," Mat 15:9; Mar 7:7.

C-2 Adverb Strong's Number: g1432 Greek: dorean

Vain, in Vain, Vainly:

the accusative of dorea, "a gift," is used adverbially, denoting

(a) "freely" (see FREE, D);

(b) "uselessly," "in vain," Gal 2:21, AV (RV, "for nought").
See CAUSE, A, under "without a cause."

C-3 Adverb Strong's Number: g1500 Greek: eike

Vain, in Vain, Vainly:


(a) "without cause," "vainly," Col 2:18;

(b) "to no purpose," "in vain," Rom 13:4; Gal 3:4 (twice); 4:11.
See CAUSE, A, Note (1), under "without a cause."


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