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Numbers 16 :: King James Version (KJV)

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Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:1 - Now Korah, H7141 the son H1121 of Izhar, H3324 the son H1121 of Kohath, H6955 the son H1121 of Levi, H3878 and Dathan H1885 and Abiram, H48 the sons H1121 of Eliab, H446 and On, H203 the son H1121 of Peleth, H6431 sons H1121 of Reuben, H7205 took H3947 men:

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:2 - And they rose up H6965 before H6440 Moses, H4872 with certain H582 of the children H1121 of Israel, H3478 two hundred H3967 and fifty H2572 princes H5387 of the assembly, H5712 famous H7148 in the congregation, H4150 men H582 of renown: H8034

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:3 - And they gathered themselves together H6950 against Moses H4872 and against Aaron, H175 and said H559 unto them, Ye take too much H7227 upon you, seeing all the congregation H5712 are holy, H6918 every one of them, and the LORD H3068 is among H8432 them: wherefore then lift ye up H5375 yourselves above the congregation H6951 of the LORD? H3068

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:4 - And when Moses H4872 heard H8085 it, he fell H5307 upon his face: H6440

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:5 - And he spake H1696 unto Korah H7141 and unto all his company, H5712 saying, H559 Even to morrow H1242 the LORD H3068 will shew H3045 who are his, and who is holy; H6918 and will cause him to come near H7126 unto him: even him whom he hath chosen H977 will he cause to come near H7126 unto him.

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:6 - This do; H6213 Take H3947 you censers, H4289 Korah, H7141 and all his company; H5712

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:7 - And put H5414 fire H784 therein, H2004 and put H7760 incense H7004 in them before H6440 the LORD H3068 to morrow: H4279 and it shall be that the man H376 whom the LORD H3068 doth choose, H977 he shall be holy: H6918 ye take too much H7227 upon you, ye sons H1121 of Levi. H3878

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:8 - And Moses H4872 said H559 unto Korah, H7141 Hear, H8085 I pray you, ye sons H1121 of Levi: H3878

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:9 - Seemeth it but a small thing H4592 unto you, that the God H430 of Israel H3478 hath separated H914 you from the congregation H5712 of Israel, H3478 to bring you near H7126 to himself to do H5647 the service H5656 of the tabernacle H4908 of the LORD, H3068 and to stand H5975 before H6440 the congregation H5712 to minister H8334 unto them?

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:10 - And he hath brought thee near H7126 to him, and all thy brethren H251 the sons H1121 of Levi H3878 with thee: and seek H1245 ye the priesthood H3550 also?

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:11 - For which cause H3651 both thou and all thy company H5712 are gathered together H3259 against the LORD: H3068 and what is Aaron, H175 that ye murmur H3885 H3885 against him?

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:12 - And Moses H4872 sent H7971 to call H7121 Dathan H1885 and Abiram, H48 the sons H1121 of Eliab: H446 which said, H559 We will not come up: H5927

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:13 - Is it a small thing H4592 that H3588 thou hast brought us up H5927 out of a land H776 that floweth H2100 with milk H2461 and honey, H1706 to kill H4191 us in the wilderness, H4057 except thou make H8323  thyself altogether H8323 a prince H8323 over us?

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:14 - Moreover H637 thou hast not brought H935 us into a land H776 that floweth H2100 with milk H2461 and honey, H1706 or given H5414 us inheritance H5159 of fields H7704 and vineyards: H3754 wilt thou put out H5365 the eyes H5869 of these men? H582 we will not come up. H5927

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:15 - And Moses H4872 was very H3966 wroth, H2734 and said H559 unto the LORD, H3068 Respect H6437 not thou their offering: H4503 I have not taken H5375 one H259 ass H2543 from them, neither have I hurt H7489 one H259 of them.

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:16 - And Moses H4872 said H559 unto Korah, H7141 Be thou and all thy company H5712 before H6440 the LORD, H3068 thou, and they, and Aaron, H175 to morrow: H4279

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:17 - And take H3947 every man H376 his censer, H4289 and put H5414 incense H7004 in them, and bring H7126 ye before H6440 the LORD H3068 every man H376 his censer, H4289 two hundred H3967 and fifty H2572 censers; H4289 thou also, and Aaron, H175 each H376 of you his censer. H4289

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:18 - And they took H3947 every man H376 his censer, H4289 and put H5414 fire H784 in them, and laid H7760 incense H7004 thereon, and stood H5975 in the door H6607 of the tabernacle H168 of the congregation H4150 with Moses H4872 and Aaron. H175

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:19 - And Korah H7141 gathered H6950 all the congregation H5712 against them unto the door H6607 of the tabernacle H168 of the congregation: H4150 and the glory H3519 of the LORD H3068 appeared H7200 unto all the congregation. H5712

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:20 - And the LORD H3068 spake H1696 unto Moses H4872 and unto Aaron, H175 saying, H559

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:21 - Separate H914 yourselves from among H8432 this congregation, H5712 that I may consume H3615 them in a moment. H7281

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:22 - And they fell H5307 upon their faces, H6440 and said, H559 O God, H410 the God H430 of the spirits H7307 of all flesh, H1320 shall one H259 man H376 sin, H2398 and wilt thou be wroth H7107 with all the congregation? H5712

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:23 - And the LORD H3068 spake H1696 unto Moses, H4872 saying, H559

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:24 - Speak H1696 unto the congregation, H5712 saying, H559 Get you up H5927 from about H5439 the tabernacle H4908 of Korah, H7141 Dathan, H1885 and Abiram. H48

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:25 - And Moses H4872 rose up H6965 and went H3212 unto Dathan H1885 and Abiram; H48 and the elders H2205 of Israel H3478 followed H3212 him. H310

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:26 - And he spake H1696 unto the congregation, H5712 saying, H559 Depart, H5493 I pray you, from the tents H168 of these wicked H7563 men, H582 and touch H5060 nothing of theirs, lest ye be consumed H5595 in all their sins. H2403

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:27 - So they gat up H5927 from the tabernacle H4908 of Korah, H7141 Dathan, H1885 and Abiram, H48 on every side: H5439 and Dathan H1885 and Abiram H48 came out, H3318 and stood H5324 in the door H6607 of their tents, H168 and their wives, H802 and their sons, H1121 and their little children. H2945

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:28 - And Moses H4872 said, H559 Hereby ye shall know H3045 that the LORD H3068 hath sent H7971 me to do H6213 all these works; H4639 for I have not done them of mine own mind. H3820

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:29 - If these men die H4191 the common death H4194 of all men, H120 or if they be visited H6485 after the visitation H6486 of all men; H120 then the LORD H3068 hath not sent H7971 me.

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:30 - But if the LORD H3068 make H1254 a new thing, H1278 and the earth H127 open H6475 her mouth, H6310 and swallow them up, H1104 with all that appertain unto them, and they go down H3381 quick H2416 into the pit; H7585 then ye shall understand H3045 that these men H582 have provoked H5006 the LORD. H3068

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:31 - And it came to pass, as he had made an end H3615 of speaking H1696 all these words, H1697 that the ground H127 clave asunder H1234 that was under them:

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:32 - And the earth H776 opened H6605 her mouth, H6310 and swallowed them up, H1104 and their houses, H1004 and all the men H120 that appertained unto Korah, H7141 and all their goods. H7399

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:33 - They, and all that appertained to them, went down H3381 alive H2416 into the pit, H7585 and the earth H776 closed H3680 upon them: and they perished H6 from among H8432 the congregation. H6951

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:34 - And all Israel H3478 that were round about H5439 them fled H5127 at the cry H6963 of them: for they said, H559 Lest the earth H776 swallow us up H1104 also.

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:35 - And there came out H3318 a fire H784 from the LORD, H3068 and consumed H398 the two hundred H3967 and fifty H2572 men H376 that offered H7126 incense. H7004

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:36 - And the LORD H3068 spake H1696 unto Moses, H4872 saying, H559

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:37 - Speak H559 unto Eleazar H499 the son H1121 of Aaron H175 the priest, H3548 that he take up H7311 the censers H4289 out H996 of the burning, H8316 and scatter H2219 thou the fire H784 yonder; H1973 for they are hallowed. H6942

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:38 - The censers H4289 of these sinners H2400 against their own souls, H5315 let them make H6213 them broad H7555 plates H6341 for a covering H6826 of the altar: H4196 for they offered H7126 them before H6440 the LORD, H3068 therefore they are hallowed: H6942 and they shall be a sign H226 unto the children H1121 of Israel. H3478

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:39 - And Eleazar H499 the priest H3548 took H3947 the brasen H5178 censers, H4289 wherewith they that were burnt H8313 had offered; H7126 and they were made broad H7554 plates for a covering H6826 of the altar: H4196

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:40 - To be a memorial H2146 unto the children H1121 of Israel, H3478 that H834 H4616 no stranger, H376 H2114 which is not of the seed H2233 of Aaron, H175 come near H7126 to offer H6999 incense H7004 before H6440 the LORD; H3068 that he be not as Korah, H7141 and as his company: H5712 as the LORD H3068 said H1696 to him by the hand H3027 of Moses. H4872

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:41 - But on the morrow H4283 all the congregation H5712 of the children H1121 of Israel H3478 murmured H3885 against Moses H4872 and against Aaron, H175 saying, H559 Ye have killed H4191 the people H5971 of the LORD. H3068

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:42 - And it came to pass, when the congregation H5712 was gathered H6950 against Moses H4872 and against Aaron, H175 that they looked H6437 toward the tabernacle H168 of the congregation: H4150 and, behold, the cloud H6051 covered H3680 it, and the glory H3519 of the LORD H3068 appeared. H7200

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:43 - And Moses H4872 and Aaron H175 came H935 before H6440 the tabernacle H168 of the congregation. H4150

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:44 - And the LORD H3068 spake H1696 unto Moses, H4872 saying, H559

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:45 - Get you up H7426 from among H8432 this congregation, H5712 that I may consume H3615 them as in a moment. H7281 And they fell H5307 upon their faces. H6440

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:46 - And Moses H4872 said H559 unto Aaron, H175 Take H3947 a censer, H4289 and put H5414 fire H784 therein from off H6440 the altar, H4196 and put H7760 on incense, H7004 and go H3212 quickly H4120 unto the congregation, H5712 and make an atonement H3722 for them: for there is wrath H7110 gone out H3318 from the LORD; H3068 the plague H5063 is begun. H2490

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:47 - And Aaron H175 took H3947 as Moses H4872 commanded, H1696 and ran H7323 into the midst H8432 of the congregation; H6951 and, behold, the plague H5063 was begun H2490 among the people: H5971 and he put H5414 on incense, H7004 and made an atonement H3722 for the people. H5971

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:48 - And he stood H5975 between the dead H4191 and the living; H2416 and the plague H4046 was stayed. H6113

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:49 - Now they that died H4191 in the plague H4046 were fourteen H702 H6240 thousand H505 and seven H7651 hundred, H3967 beside them that died H4191 about the matter H1697 of Korah. H7141

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:50 - And Aaron H175 returned H7725 unto Moses H4872 unto the door H6607 of the tabernacle H168 of the congregation: H4150 and the plague H4046 was stayed. H6113

The Authorized Version or King James Version (KJV), 1611, 1769.
Outside of the United Kingdom, the KJV is in the public domain. Within the United Kingdom, the rights to the KJV are vested in the Crown.

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