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Lexicon :: Strong's G4674 - sos

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sos (Key)
Part of Speech
Root Word (Etymology)
Strong’s Definitions

σός sós, sos; from G4771; thine:—thine (own), thy (friend).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 27x

The KJV translates Strong's G4674 in the following manner: thy (13x), thine (9x), thine own (3x), thy goods (1x), thy friends (1x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 27x
The KJV translates Strong's G4674 in the following manner: thy (13x), thine (9x), thine own (3x), thy goods (1x), thy friends (1x).
  1. thy, thine

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
σός sós, sos; from G4771; thine:—thine (own), thy (friend).
σός, σῇ, σόν, possessive pronoun of the 2nd person; from Homer down; thy, thine: Matthew 7:8, 22; Matthew 13:27; Matthew 24:3; Mark 2:18; Luke 15:31; Luke 22:42; John 4:42 (here Tr marginal reading WH marginal reading read the personal σου); John 17:6,9,10,17; 18:35; Acts 5:4; Acts 24:2 (3),4; 1 Corinthians 8:11; 1 Corinthians 14:16; Philemon 1:14; οἱ σοι namely, μαθηταί, Luke 5:33; absolutely οἱ σοι, thy kinsfolk, thy friends, Mark 5:19; τό σόν, what is thine, Matthew 20:14; Matthew 25:25; plural τά σά (A. V. thy goods; cf. Winer's Grammar, 592 (551)), Luke 6:30. (Cf. Winer's Grammar, § 22, 7ff; B. 115ff (101ff).)
THAYER’S GREEK LEXICON, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006, 2011 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com

BLB Scripture Index of Thayer's

7:8; 7:22; 13:27; 20:14; 24:3; 25:25
2:18; 5:19
5:33; 6:30; 15:31; 22:42
4:42; 17:6; 17:9; 17:10; 17:17; 18:35
5:4; 24:2
1 Corinthians
8:11; 14:16

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Strong's Number G4674 matches the Greek σός (sos),
which occurs 26 times in 23 verses in the TR Greek.

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 7:3 - And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own G4674 eye?
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 7:22 - Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy G4674 name? and in thy G4674 name have cast out devils? and in thy G4674 name done many wonderful works?
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 13:27 - So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy G4674 field? from whence then hath it tares?
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 20:14 - Take that thine G4674 is, and go thy way: I will give unto this last, even as unto thee.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 24:3 - And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy G4674 coming, and of the end of the world?
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 25:25 - And I was afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo, there thou hast that is thine. G4674
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 2:18 - And the disciples of John and of the Pharisees used to fast: and they come and say unto him, Why do the disciples of John and of the Pharisees fast, but thy G4674 disciples fast not?
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 5:19 - Howbeit Jesus suffered him not, but saith unto him, Go home to thy friends, G4674 and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee.
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 5:33 - And they said unto him, Why do the disciples of John fast often, and make prayers, and likewise the disciples of the Pharisees; but thine G4674 eat and drink?
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 6:30 - Give to every man that asketh of thee; and of him that taketh away thy goods G4674 ask them not again.
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 15:31 - And he said unto him, Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine. G4674
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 22:42 - Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, G4674 be done.
Unchecked Copy BoxJhn 4:42 - And said unto the woman, Now we believe, not because of thy G4674 saying: for we have heard him ourselves, and know that this is indeed the Christ, the Saviour of the world.
Unchecked Copy BoxJhn 17:6 - I have manifested thy name unto the men which thou gavest me out of the world: thine G4674 they were, and thou gavest them me; and they have kept thy word.
Unchecked Copy BoxJhn 17:10 - And all mine are thine, G4674 and thine G4674 are mine; and I am glorified in them.
Unchecked Copy BoxJhn 17:17 - Sanctify them through thy truth: thy G4674 word is truth.
Unchecked Copy BoxJhn 18:35 - Pilate answered, Am I a Jew? Thine own G4674 nation and the chief priests have delivered thee unto me: what hast thou done?
Unchecked Copy BoxAct 5:4 - Whiles it remained, was it not thine own? and after it was sold, was it not in thine own G4674 power? why hast thou conceived this thing in thine heart? thou hast not lied unto men, but unto God.
Unchecked Copy BoxAct 24:2 - And when he was called forth, Tertullus began to accuse him, saying, Seeing that by thee we enjoy great quietness, and that very worthy deeds are done unto this nation by thy G4674 providence,
Unchecked Copy BoxAct 24:4 - Notwithstanding, that I be not further tedious unto thee, I pray thee that thou wouldest hear us of thy G4674 clemency a few words.
Unchecked Copy Box1Co 8:11 - And through thy G4674 knowledge shall the weak brother perish, for whom Christ died?
Unchecked Copy Box1Co 14:16 - Else when thou shalt bless with the spirit, how shall he that occupieth the room of the unlearned say Amen at thy G4674 giving of thanks, seeing he understandeth not what thou sayest?
Unchecked Copy BoxPhm 1:14 - But without thy G4674 mind would I do nothing; that thy benefit should not be as it were of necessity, but willingly.
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