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Lexicon :: Strong's H1992 - hēm

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Part of Speech
third person plural masculine personal pronoun
Root Word (Etymology)
Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 504

Strong’s Definitions

הֵם hêm, haym; or (prolonged) הֵמָּה hêmmâh; masculine plural from H1931; they (only used when emphatic):—it, like, × (how, so) many (soever, more as) they (be), (the) same, × so, × such, their, them, these, they, those, which, who, whom, withal, ye.

KJV Translation Count — Total: 44x

The KJV translates Strong's H1992 in the following manner: they, them, themselves, these, those, as many more as, ye, same.

KJV Translation Count — Total: 44x
The KJV translates Strong's H1992 in the following manner: they, them, themselves, these, those, as many more as, ye, same.
  1. they, these, the same, who

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
הֵם hêm, haym; or (prolonged) הֵמָּה hêmmâh; masculine plural from H1931; they (only used when emphatic):—it, like, × (how, so) many (soever, more as) they (be), (the) same, × so, × such, their, them, these, they, those, which, who, whom, withal, ye.
STRONGS H1992: Abbreviations
הֵ֫מָּה and הֵם (without appreciable distinction in usage, except probably in so far as the longer or shorter from was better adapted to the rhythm of particular sentences: on the whole הֵמָּה (alone) is somewhat more frequently than הֵם, הָהֵם on the contrary is said regularly, הָהֵמָּה occurring only + 12 times, namely Numbers 9:7 (P), Jeremiah 14:15; Zechariah 14:15, and in the phrase בַּ(הַ)מִָים הָהֵמָּה 2 Kings 18:4; Jeremiah 3:16, 18; Jeremiah 5:18; Jeremiah 50:4; Joel 3:2; Joel 4:1; Zechariah 8:23; Nehemiah 13:15, though בַּיָּמִים הָהֵם is much more common) pronoun 3rd person plural masculine (הֵמָּה used incorrectly for the feminine Zechariah 5:10; Ruth 1:22; Songs 6:8), feminine H2007 הֵ֫נָּה [Late Hebrew also הֵן, which occurs however in Biblical Hebrew only after a prefix: see below 8], pronoun 3 plural they (Biblical Aramaic H1994 הִמּוֺ, which see; هُمْ, هُنً; Ethiopic (one form) እሙንቱ፡ እማንቱ፡ 'emūn-tū, emān-tū; compare also for the dissyllabic form, the suffix —ōmū [feminine —ōn]; perhaps also Assyrian suffix šunu, šina[ni], compare references below הוּא). In usage not different in Genl. from הוּא, הִיא (which see, under the corresponding headings, for fuller explanations), thus: —
1. a. Genesis 6:4; Exodus 5:7 הֵם יֵָֽלְכוּ let them (emphatic) go and gather straw, Numbers 31:16; Isaiah 24:14; Hosea 4:14; Hosea 7:3 etc.; after כִּי Jeremiah 5:5; Jeremiah 34:7. (For the use in circumstantial clauses see Dr§ 160, 169.)
b. Judges 1:22 ויעלו ֗֗֗ גַם הֵם, Deuteronomy 2:11 (אַף הֵם), Deuteronomy 3:20; Joshua 9:4; Ezekiel 30:17.
c. Exodus 18:22 every small matter יִשְׁפְּטוּ־הֵם let them judge themselves, Exodus 18:26; Jeremiah 15:19; Jeremiah 17:18; Psalm 109:28; Esther 9:1.
e. compare Nehemiah 10:38.
2. a. (Resuming the subject with emphasis) Genesis 14:24 (note accents), Deuteronomy 1:39; Psalm 23:4; Psalm 27:2 (accents), Psalm 37:9; Psalm 107:24; Ezekiel 36:7; Ezekiel 44:15.
c. Numbers 14:27a; Jeremiah 27:9; Ezekiel 43:19 אֲשֶׁר הֵם מִזֶּרַע צָדוֺק, Ecclesiastes 4:2; Nehemiah 2:13. **הֵמָּה כִּדְוֵי לַחֻמִי Job 6:7 read perhaps וַהֲמָה וגו׳ (or זָָֽהֲמָה) it is loathesome (√ זהס).
3. a. Genesis 3:7; Exodus 5:8 הֵם נִרְפִּים כִּי for they are idle, Exodus 14:3; Exodus 15:23; Exodus 29:33 etc. (the opposite order rare: Numbers 11:16; Isaiah 61:9, compare DePs 94:11).
b. Genesis 34:21, 23; Genesis 41:26; Genesis 48:5 שׁני בניך ֗֗֗ לִי הֵם thy two sons..., they are mine, Exodus 32:16 + often: Isaiah 41:22 הָרִאשֹׁנוֺת מָה הֵנָּה, Isaiah 49:21 אֵלֶּה אֵיפֹה הֵם these — where were they? Zephaniah 2:12 after אַתֶּם, peculiarly (compare Dr§ 198 Obs. 2).
c. Deuteronomy 20:15 אֲשֶׁר לֹאמֵֿעָרֵי הַגֹּויִם הָאֵלֶּה הֵנָּה, Judges 19:12; 1 Kings 9:20.
d. 2 Kings 7:10 כַּאֲשֶׁר הֵמָּה. (Proverbs 19:7 Kt לֹאהֵֿמָּה is probably corrupt: see Commentaries)
4. a. Proverbs 30:24 אַרְבָּעָה הֵם קְטַנֵּיאָֿ֑רֶץ four things are they, the little ones of the earth, Proverbs 30:29 (compare before a rel. clause Proverbs 30:15; Proverbs 30:18; Proverbs 6:16) Songs 6:8; Isaiah 51:19 שְׁתַּיִם הֵנָּה קֹרְאֹתַיִךְ, 1 Chronicles 9:26 (see הוא 4a).
b. (β) Genesis 21:29 מָה הֵנָּה שֶׁבַע ֗֗֗ literally What are they — these seven sheep? Zechariah 1:9; Zechariah 4:5.
(γ) אֵלֶּה ֗֗֗ הֵםGenesis 25:16 (= 1 Chronicles 1:36) Leviticus 23:2; Numbers 3:20, 21, 27, 33; 1 Samuel 4:8; 1 Chronicles 8:6; 1 Chronicles 12:15 (see Dr § 201, 3).
6. a. In a neuter sense (rare), Job 6:7 הֵמָּה כִּדְוֵי לַחמִי they (i.e. such sufferings as mine) are as loathsomeness in my meat, Jeremiah 7:4 הֵיכַל י׳ הֵמָּה they (i.e. these buildings) are the temple of י׳; and in the feminine, Leviticus 5:22 of all that a man doeth to sin בָּהֵנָּה therein, 1 Chronicles 21:10 מֵהֵנָּה (|| 2 Samuel 24:12 מֵהֶם); 2 Samuel 12:8; Job 23:14 כָּהֵנָּה things such as these.
7. With article. הָהֵם, Genesis 6:4; Exodus 2:11; Numbers 14:38 + often; הָהֵמָּה + 12 times (see above); הָהֵנָּה1 Samuel 17:28. N.B. — Ezekiel 8:6 Kt מָהֵם stands for מָה הֵם (so Qr), compare מַזֶּה for מַהזֶּֿה Exodus 4:2; 2 Kings 9:18 עַדהֵֿם is irregular for עֲדֵיהֶם; 2 Samuel 4:6 וְהֵנָּה וג׳ is textual error for וְהִנֵּה שֹׁעֶרֶת הַבַּיִת סֹקְלָה חִטִּים וג׳ see We Dr (Greek Version of the LXX & RVm).
8. With prepositions (in lieu of the normal, and more usual, forms with suffixes בָּהֶם, לָהֶם, מֵהֶם etc. [כָּהֶם & כָּהֶן, however, each once only, כְּמוֺהֶם thrice: see כְּ]) —
a. בָּהֵמָּהExodus 30:4; Exodus 36:1 (both P), Habakkuk 1:16; כָּהֵמָּהJeremiah 36:32; לְהֵמָּהJeremiah 14:16 מֵהֵמָּהJeremiah 10:2; Ecclesiastes 12:12.
b. כָּהֵם2 Samuel 24:3 Yahweh add to the people כָּהֵם וְכָהֵם מֵאָה פְעָמִים the like of themselves and the like of themselves 100 times, = 1 Chronicles 21:3 (but כָּהֵם here only once, compare Deuteronomy 1:11 בָּכֶם), 2 Chronicles 9:11; Ecclesiastes 9:12.
c. בָּהֵנָּהLeviticus 5:22 [Leviticus 6:3] (P) Numbers 13:19 (JE) Jeremiah 5:17: כָּהֵנָּהGenesis 41:19; 2 Samuel 12:8 וְאֹסִפָה לְךָ כָּהֵנָּה וְכָהֵנָּה, Job 23:14: לָהֵנָּהEzekiel 1:5, 23 (twice in verse); Ezekiel 42:9; Zechariah 5:9: מֵהֵנָּהLeviticus 4:2 (P) Isaiah 34:16; Jeremiah 5:6; Ezekiel 16:51; Ezekiel 42:5; Psalm 34:21; 1 Chronicles 21:10 (|| 2 Samuel 24:12 מֵהֶם).
d. H2004 בָּהֵןGenesis 19:29 (P) Genesis 30:26, 37; Exodus 25:29; Exodus 37:16 (both P) Leviticus 10:1; Leviticus 11:21; Leviticus 14:40; Numbers 10:3; Numbers 16:7 (all P) Deuteronomy 28:52; Jeremiah 4:29; Jeremiah 48:9; Jeremiah 51:43 (twice in verse) (בָּהֶן thrice only); כָּהֵןEzekiel 18:14 (editions; Baer כָּהֶן); H3860 H3861 לָהֵן (=therefore) † Ruth 1:13 (twice in verse) (also Biblical Aramaic); מֵהֵןEzekiel 16:47, 52 (editions; Baer מֵהֶן). (With the exception of כָּחֵנָּה, these forms are found mostly in P and writers not earlier than Jeremiah; b and d, however, depend solely on the punctuation.)
Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com

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Strong's Number H1992 matches the Hebrew הֵם (hēm),
which occurs 660 times in 609 verses in the WLC Hebrew.

Page 1 / 13 (Gen 3:7–Lev 11:26)

Unchecked Copy BoxGen 3:7 - and the eyes of them both are opened, and they know that they are naked, and they sew fig-leaves, and make to themselves girdles.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 6:4 - The fallen ones were in the earth in those days, and even afterwards when sons of God come in unto daughters of men, and they have borne to them -- they are the heroes, who, from of old, are the men of name.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 7:14 - they, and every living creature after its kind, and every beast after its kind, and every creeping thing that is creeping on the earth after its kind, and every fowl after its kind, every bird -- every wing.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 11:6 - and Jehovah saith, 'Lo, the people is one, and one pronunciation is to them all, and this it hath dreamed of doing; and now, nothing is restrained from them of that which they have purposed to do.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 14:13 - And one who is escaping cometh and declareth to Abram the Hebrew, and he is dwelling among the oaks of Mamre the Amorite, brother of Eshcol, and brother of Aner, and they are Abram's allies.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 14:24 - save only that which the young men have eaten, and the portion of the men who have gone with me -- Aner, Eshcol, and Mamre -- they take their portion.'
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 19:9 - And they say, 'Come nigh hither;' they say also, 'This one hath come in to sojourn, and he certainly judgeth! now, we do evil to thee more than to them;' and they press against the man, against Lot greatly, and come nigh to break the door.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 25:16 - these are sons of Ishmael, and these their names, by their villages, and by their towers; twelve princes according to their peoples.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 34:21 - 'These men are peaceable with us; then let them dwell in the land, and trade in it; and the land, lo, is wide before them; their daughters let us take to ourselves for wives, and our daughters give to them.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 34:22 - 'Only for this do the men consent to us, to dwell with us, to become one people, in every male of us being circumcised, as they are circumcised;
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 34:23 - their cattle, and their substance, and all their beasts -- are they not ours? only let us consent to them, and they dwell with us.'
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 37:16 - and he saith, 'My brethren I am seeking, declare to me, I pray thee, where they are feeding?'
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 40:12 - And Joseph saith to him, 'This is its interpretation: the three branches are three days;
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 40:18 - And Joseph answereth and saith, 'This is its interpretation: the three baskets are three days;
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 42:8 - And Joseph discerneth his brethren, but they have not discerned him,
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 42:23 - And they have not known that Joseph understandeth, for the interpreter is between them;
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 42:35 - And it cometh to pass, they are emptying their sacks, and lo, the bundle of each man's silver is in his sack, and they see their bundles of silver, they and their father, and are afraid;
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 44:3 - The morning is bright, and the men have been sent away, they and their asses --
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 44:4 - they have gone out of the city -- they have not gone far off -- and Joseph hath said to him who is over his house, 'Rise, pursue after the men; and thou hast overtaken them, and thou hast said unto them, Why have ye recompensed evil for good?
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 47:14 - and Joseph gathereth all the silver that is found in the land of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, for the corn that they are buying, and Joseph bringeth the silver into the house of Pharaoh.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 48:5 - 'And now, thy two sons, who are born to thee in the land of Egypt, before my coming unto thee to Egypt, mine they are; Ephraim and Manasseh, as Reuben and Simeon they are mine;
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 48:9 - and Joseph saith unto his father, 'They are my sons, whom God hath given to me in this place;' and he saith, 'Bring them, I pray thee, unto me, and I bless them.'
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 2:11 - And it cometh to pass, in those days, that Moses is grown, and he goeth out unto his brethren, and looketh on their burdens, and seeth a man, an Egyptian, smiting a man, a Hebrew, one of his brethren,
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 2:23 - And it cometh to pass during these many days, that the king of Egypt dieth, and the sons of Israel sigh because of the service, and cry, and their cry goeth up unto God, because of the service;
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 5:7 - 'Ye do not add to give straw to the people for the making of the bricks, as heretofore -- they go and have gathered straw for themselves;
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 5:8 - and the proper quantity of the bricks which they are making heretofore ye do put on them, ye do not diminish from it, for they are remiss, therefore they are crying, saying, Let us go, let us sacrifice to our God;
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 6:27 - these are they who are speaking unto Pharaoh king of Egypt, to bring out the sons of Israel from Egypt, this is Moses -- and Aaron.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 7:11 - And Pharaoh also calleth for wise men, and for sorcerers; and the scribes of Egypt, they also, with their flashings, do so,
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 8:21 - for, if thou art not sending My people away, lo, I am sending against thee, and against thy servants, and against thy people, and against thy houses, the beetle, and the houses of the Egyptians have been full of the beetle, and also the ground on which they are.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 14:3 - and Pharaoh hath said of the sons of Israel, They are entangled in the land, the wilderness hath shut upon them;
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 15:23 - and they come in to Marah, and have not been able to drink the waters of Marah, for they are bitter; therefore hath one called its name Marah.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 18:22 - and they have judged the people at all times; and it hath come to pass, every great matter they bring in unto thee, and every small matter they judge themselves; and lighten it from off thyself, and they have borne with thee.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 18:26 - and they have judged the people at all times; the hard matter they bring in unto Moses, and every small matter they judge themselves.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 19:13 - a hand cometh not against him, for he is certainly stoned or shot through, whether beast or man it liveth not; in the drawing out of the jubilee cornet they go up into the mount.'
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 24:2 - and Moses hath drawn nigh by himself unto Jehovah; and they draw not nigh, and the people go not up with him.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 28:5 - 'And they take the gold, and the blue, and the purple, and the scarlet, and the linen,
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 29:33 - and they have eaten those things by which there is atonement to consecrate their hand, to sanctify them; and a stranger doth not eat -- for they are holy;
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 30:4 - and two rings of gold thou dost make to it under its crown; on its two ribs thou dost make them, on its two sides, and they have become places for staves, to bear it with them.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 32:15 - And Moses turneth, and goeth down from the mount, and the two tables of the testimony are in his hand, tables written on both their sides, on this and on that are they written;
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 32:16 - and the tables are the work of God, and the writing is the writing of God, graven on the tables.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 36:1 - And Bezaleel, and Aholiab, and every wise-hearted man, in whom Jehovah hath given wisdom and understanding to know to do every work of the service of the sanctuary, have done according to all that Jehovah commanded.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 36:3 - And they take from before Moses all the heave-offering which the sons of Israel have brought in for the work of the service of the sanctuary to do it; and still they have brought in unto him a willing-offering morning by morning.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 36:4 - And all the wise men, who are doing all the work of the sanctuary, come each from his work which they are doing,
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 38:17 - and the sockets for the pillars of brass, the pegs of the pillars and their fillets of silver, and the overlaying of their tops of silver, and all the pillars of the court are filleted with silver.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 8:28 - And Moses taketh them from off their hands, and maketh perfume on the altar, on the burnt-offering, they are consecrations for sweet fragrance; it is a fire-offering to Jehovah;
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 11:8 - 'Of their flesh ye do not eat, and against their carcase ye do not come -- unclean they are to you.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 11:10 - and any one that hath not fins and scales in the seas, and in the brooks, of any teeming creature of the waters, and of any creature which liveth, which is in the waters -- an abomination they are to you;
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 11:13 - 'And these ye do abominate of the fowl; they are not eaten, an abomination they are: the eagle, and the ossifrage, and the ospray,
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 11:22 - these of them ye do eat: the locust after its kind, and the bald locust after its kind, and the beetle after its kind, and the grasshopper after its kind;
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 11:26 - even every beast which is dividing the hoof, and is not cloven-footed, and the cud is not bringing up -- unclean they are to you; any one who is coming against them is unclean.

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