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Lexicon :: Strong's H4376 - māḵar

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Part of Speech
Root Word (Etymology)
A primitive root
Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 1194

Strong’s Definitions

מָכַר mâkar, maw-kar'; a primitive root; to sell, literally (as merchandise, a daughter in marriage, into slavery), or figuratively (to surrender):—× at all, sell (away, -er, self).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 80x

The KJV translates Strong's H4376 in the following manner: sell (75x), seller (4x), at all (1x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 80x
The KJV translates Strong's H4376 in the following manner: sell (75x), seller (4x), at all (1x).
  1. to sell

    1. (Qal)

      1. to sell

      2. seller (participle)

    2. (Niphal)

      1. to be sold

      2. to sell oneself

      3. to be given over to death

    3. (Hithpael) to sell oneself

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
מָכַר mâkar, maw-kar'; a primitive root; to sell, literally (as merchandise, a daughter in marriage, into slavery), or figuratively (to surrender):—× at all, sell (away, -er, self).
STRONGS H4376: Abbreviations
מָכַר verb sell (Late Hebrew id.; Phoenician מכר; Zinjirli מכרו price, DHMSendsch. 60; Aramaic bdb056901, מְכַר marry (i.e. buy as a wife); compare Assyrian makkûru, namkur(r)u, nakkuru, possession, property, DlHWB 408); —
Qal Perfect מ׳ Leviticus 27:20 + 2 times; suffix מְכָרוֺ Exodus 21:37 + 2 times; 1st person singular מָכַרְתִּי Isaiah 50:1 + 2 times, etc.; Imperfect יִמְכֹּר Exodus 21:7 +, etc.; Imperative מִכְרָ֫ה Genesis 25:31; feminine singular מִכְרִי 2 Kings 4:7; Infinitive absolute מָכֹר Deuteronomy 14:21; Deuteronomy 21:14; construct מְכוֺר Nehemiah 10:32; suffix מָכְרָהּ Exodus 21:8; מִכְרָם Amos 2:6; Nehemiah 13:15 (compare BaNB 104); Participle מֹכֵר (מוֺכֵר) Leviticus 25:16 + 3 times; feminine מֹכֶרֶת Nahum 3:4, etc.; — sell (with בְּ pret. Amos 2:6; Joel 4:3 [Joel 3:3]; Psalm 44:13) followed by accusative e.g. land Genesis 47:20, 22 (J), Leviticus 25:14 (accusative of congnate meaning with verb), Leviticus 25:25 (H; followed by מֵאֲחֻזָּתוֺ) compare Ezekiel 48:14 (followed by מִן partitive), Leviticus 25:15 (no object expressed), so Leviticus 25:27; Leviticus 27:20 (H), Ruth 4:3; house Leviticus 25:29 (H); beast Exodus 21:35; Exodus 21:37 (E); flesh Deuteronomy 14:21 (no object); crop Leviticus 25:16 (H); food Nehemiah 10:32; Nehemiah 13:15, 16, compare Nehemiah 13:20 (followed by מִמְכָר); oil 2 Kings 4:7; linen Proverbs 31:24; birthright Genesis 25:31, 33 (J); most often human beings, e.g. as slaves Genesis 37:27, 28, 36; Genesis 45:4, 5 (all J E), Exodus 21:16 (E), Deuteronomy 21:14 (twice in verse); Deuteronomy 24:7, compare Amos 2:6; Nehemiah 5:8; Zechariah 11:5; Joel 4:3 [Joel 3:3]; Joel 4:6 [Joel 3:6]; Joel 4:7 [Joel 3:7]; Joel 4:8 [Joel 3:8] (twice in verse); especially daughters Exodus 21:7, 8 (E); in marriage Genesis 31:15 (E); Participle = seller Isaiah 24:2; Ezekiel 7:12, 13; figurative, object truth Proverbs 23:23; of Nineveh, selling nations גּוֺיִם Nahum 3:4; especially י׳ selling his people (to enemies), i.e. giving it entirely into their power: Deuteronomy 32:30; Psalm 44:13; Isaiah 50:1, also (בְּיַד מ׳) Judges 2:14; Judges 3:8; Judges 4:2; Judges 10:7; 1 Samuel 12:9; compare Judges 4:9 (Sisera to woman); also Ezekiel 30:12 (strike out Co after B and others).
Niph. Perfect נִמְכַּר Leviticus 25:48 + 5 times, etc.; Imperfect יִמָּכֵר Leviticus 25:34 + 3 times, etc.; Infinitive הִמָּֽכְרוֺ Leviticus 25:50; Participle plural נִמְכָּרִים Nehemiah 5:8; — be sold, of land Leviticus 25:23, 34; beast Leviticus 27:27; compare Leviticus 27:28 (all P); of human beings as slaves Exodus 22:2 for (בְּ) theft (E), Leviticus 25:42 (P), Psalm 105:17; Esther 7:4; sell oneself Leviticus 25:39, 47, 48, 50 (PH), Deuteronomy 15:12; Jeremiah 34:14; Nehemiah 5:8 (twice in verse); figurative of Israel, sold by י׳, Isaiah 50:1 for (בְּ) their sins, Isaiah 52:3; compare Esther 7:4 = given over to death.
Hithp. Perfect הִתְמַכֵּר 1 Kings 21:25; וְהִתְמַכַּרְתֶּם consecutive Deuteronomy 28:68; וַיִּתְמַכְּרוּ 2 Kings 17:17; Infinitive הִתְמַכֶּרְךָ 1 Kings 21:20; sell oneself as slave Deuteronomy 28:68; figurative 1 Kings 21:20, 25; 2 Kings 17:17, all followed by לַעֲשׂוֺת הָרַע.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Strong's Number H4376 matches the Hebrew מָכַר (māḵar),
which occurs 80 times in 74 verses in the WLC Hebrew.

Page 1 / 2 (Gen 25:31–Neh 5:8)

Unchecked Copy BoxGen 25:31 - But Jacob said, “[fn]First sell H4376 me your birthright.”
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 25:33 - And Jacob said, “[fn]First swear to me”; so he swore to him and sold H4376 his birthright to Jacob.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 31:15 - “Are we not counted by him as foreigners? For he has sold H4376 us and has also [fn]entirely consumed [fn]our purchase price.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 37:27 - “Come and let us sell H4376 him to the Ishmaelites and not lay our hands on him, for he is our brother, our own flesh.” And his brothers listened.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 37:28 - Then some Midianite traders passed by, so they pulled him up and lifted Joseph out of the pit and sold H4376 Joseph to the Ishmaelites for [fn]twenty shekels of silver. Thus they brought Joseph into Egypt.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 37:36 - Meanwhile, the [fn]Midianites sold H4376 him in Egypt to Potiphar, Pharaoh’s officer, the captain of the bodyguard.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 45:4 -

Then Joseph said to his brothers, “Please come near to me.” And they came near. And he said, “I am Joseph, your brother, whom you sold H4376 into Egypt.

Unchecked Copy BoxGen 45:5 - “So now do not be grieved or angry [fn]with yourselves because you sold H4376 me here, for God sent me before you to preserve life.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 47:20 -

So Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh, for [fn]every Egyptian sold H4376 his field because the famine was severe upon them. Thus the land became Pharaoh’s.

Unchecked Copy BoxGen 47:22 - Only the land of the priests he did not buy, for the priests had an allotment from Pharaoh, and they ate off the allotment which Pharaoh gave them. Therefore, they did not sell H4376 their land.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 21:7 -

“And if a man sells H4376 his daughter as a female slave, she is not to [fn]go free as the male slaves [fn]do.

Unchecked Copy BoxExo 21:8 - “If she is [fn]displeasing in the eyes of her master [fn]who designated her for himself, then he shall let her be redeemed. He does not have authority to sell H4376 her to a foreign people because of his treachery to her.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 21:16 -

“He who [fn]kidnaps a man, whether he sells H4376 him or he is found in his hand, shall surely be put to death.

Unchecked Copy BoxExo 21:35 -

“And if one man’s ox [fn]hurts another’s so that it dies, then they shall sell H4376 the live ox and divide its price equally; and also they shall divide the dead ox.

Unchecked Copy BoxExo 22:1 -

[fn]If a man steals an ox or a sheep and slaughters it or sells H4376 it, he shall pay five oxen for the ox and four sheep for the sheep.

Unchecked Copy BoxExo 22:3 - But if the sun has risen on him, there will be bloodguiltiness on his account. He shall surely make restitution; if he owns nothing, then he shall be sold H4376 for his theft.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 25:14 - ‘If you make H4376 a sale, moreover, to your companion or buy from your friend’s hand, you shall not mistreat one another.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 25:15 - ‘Corresponding to the number of years after the jubilee, you shall buy from your [fn]companion; he is to sell H4376 to you according to the number of years of produce.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 25:16 - ‘In proportion to the [fn]extent of the years you shall increase its price, and in proportion to the fewness of the years you shall diminish its price, for it is the number of crops it produces that he is selling H4376 to you.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 25:23 -

‘The land, moreover, shall not be sold H4376 permanently, for the land is Mine; for you are but sojourners and foreign residents with Me.

Unchecked Copy BoxLev 25:25 -

‘If a brother of yours becomes so poor he has to sell H4376 part of his possession of land, then his nearest kinsman redeemer is to come and redeem what his brother has sold.

Unchecked Copy BoxLev 25:27 - then he shall calculate the years since its sale and return the balance to the man to whom he sold H4376 it, and so return to his possession of land.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 25:29 -

‘Likewise, if a man sells H4376 a house for habitation in a walled city, then his redemption right remains valid until a full year from its sale; his right of redemption lasts a full year.

Unchecked Copy BoxLev 25:34 - ‘But pasture fields of their cities shall not be sold H4376, for that is their perpetual possession.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 25:39 -

‘If a brother of yours becomes so poor with regard to you that he sells H4376 himself to you, you shall not subject him to a slave’s service.

Unchecked Copy BoxLev 25:42 - ‘For they are My slaves whom I brought out from the land of Egypt; they shall not be sold H4376 in a slave sale.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 25:47 -

‘Now if the [fn]means of a sojourner or of a foreign resident with you becomes sufficient, and a brother of yours becomes so poor with regard to him as to sell H4376 himself to a sojourner who resides with you or to the descendants of a sojourner’s family,

Unchecked Copy BoxLev 25:48 - then he shall have redemption right after he has been sold H4376. One of his brothers may redeem him,
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 25:50 - ‘He then with his purchaser shall calculate from the year when he sold H4376 himself to him up to the year of jubilee; and the price of his sale shall correspond to the number of years. It is like the days of a hired man that he shall be with him.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 27:20 - ‘Yet if he will not redeem the field, [fn]but has sold H4376 the field to another man, it may no longer be redeemed;
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 27:27 - ‘But if it is among the unclean animals, then he shall [fn]ransom it according to your valuation and add to it one-fifth of it; and if it is not redeemed, then it shall be sold H4376 according to your valuation.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 27:28 -

‘Nevertheless, anything which a man [fn]devotes to Yahweh out of all that he has, of man or animal or of the fields of his own possession, shall not be sold H4376 or redeemed. Anything [fn]devoted to destruction is most holy to Yahweh.

Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 14:21 -

“You shall not eat anything which dies of itself. You may give it to the sojourner who is within your gates, so that he may eat it, or you may sell H4376 it to a foreigner, for you are a holy people to Yahweh your God. You shall not boil a young goat in its mother’s milk.

Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 15:12 -

“If your brother, a Hebrew man or woman, is sold H4376 to you, then he shall serve you six years, but in the seventh year you shall [fn]let him go to be free from you.

Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 21:14 - “And it will be that, if you do not desire her, then you shall let her go [fn]wherever she wishes; but you shall certainly H4376 not sell H4376 her for money; you shall not [fn]mistreat her because you have humbled her.
Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 24:7 -

“If a man is [fn]caught kidnapping any of his brothers of the sons of Israel, and he mistreats him or sells H4376 him, then that thief shall die; so you shall purge the evil from among you.

Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 28:68 - “And Yahweh will bring you back to Egypt in ships, by the way about which I spoke to you, ‘You will never see it again!’ And there you will offer H4376 yourselves for H4376 sale H4376 to your enemies as male and female slaves, but there will be no buyer.”
Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 32:30 -

“How could one pursue one thousand,

And two put ten thousand to flight,

Unless their Rock had sold H4376 them,

And Yahweh had handed them over?

Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 2:14 - And the anger of Yahweh burned against Israel, and He gave them into the hands of plunderers who plundered them; and He sold H4376 them into the hands of their enemies around them, so that they could no longer stand before their enemies.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 3:8 - Then the anger of Yahweh burned against Israel, so that He sold H4376 them into the hands of Cushan-rishathaim king of [fn]Mesopotamia; and the sons of Israel served Cushan-rishathaim eight years.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 4:2 - And Yahweh sold H4376 them into the hand of Jabin king of Canaan, who reigned in Hazor; and the commander of his army was Sisera, who lived in Harosheth-hagoyim.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 4:9 - So she said, “I will surely go with you; nevertheless, the honor shall not be yours on the journey that you are about to take, for Yahweh will sell H4376 Sisera into the hand of a woman.” Then Deborah arose and went with Barak to Kedesh.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 10:7 - So the anger of Yahweh burned against Israel, and He sold H4376 them into the hands of the Philistines and into the hands of the sons of Ammon.
Unchecked Copy BoxRth 4:3 - Then he said to the kinsman redeemer, “Naomi, who has come back from the fields of Moab, has to sell H4376 the portion of the field which belonged to our brother Elimelech.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 12:9 - “But they forgot Yahweh their God, so He sold H4376 them into the hand of Sisera, commander of the army of Hazor, and into the hand of the Philistines and into the hand of the king of Moab, and they fought against them.
Unchecked Copy Box1Ki 21:20 -

And Ahab said to Elijah, “Have you found me, O my enemy?” And he [fn]answered, “I have found you, because you have sold H4376 yourself to do what is evil in the sight of Yahweh.

Unchecked Copy Box1Ki 21:25 -

Surely there was no one who sold H4376 himself to do what is evil in the sight of Yahweh like Ahab, whom Jezebel his wife incited.

Unchecked Copy Box2Ki 4:7 - Then she came and told the man of God. And he said, “Go, sell H4376 the oil and pay your debt, and you and your sons can live on the rest.”
Unchecked Copy Box2Ki 17:17 - Then they made their sons and their daughters pass through the fire, and practiced divination and omens, and sold H4376 themselves to do what is evil in the sight of Yahweh, provoking Him to anger.
Unchecked Copy BoxNeh 5:8 - I said to them, “We, according to our ability, have bought back our Jewish brothers who were sold H4376 to the nations; and now would you also sell H4376 your brothers that they may be sold H4376 to us?” Then they were silent and could not find a word to say.

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