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Lexicon :: Strong's H5941 - ʿēlî

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Part of Speech
proper masculine noun
Root Word (Etymology)
Strong’s Definitions

עֵלִי ʻÊlîy, ay-lee'; from H5927; lofty; Eli, an Israelite highpriest:—Eli.

KJV Translation Count — Total: 33x

The KJV translates Strong's H5941 in the following manner: Eli (33x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 33x
The KJV translates Strong's H5941 in the following manner: Eli (33x).
  1. Eli = "ascension"

    1. descendant of Aaron through Ithamar and high priest and judge of Israel when Samuel entered service as a child

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
עֵלִי ʻÊlîy, ay-lee'; from H5927; lofty; Eli, an Israelite highpriest:—Eli.
STRONGS H5941: Abbreviations
עֵלִי proper name, masculine Eli, priest at Shiloh 1 Samuel 1:3 (+ 1 Samuel 1:3 Greek Version of the LXX Th Klo HPS), 1 Samuel 1:9; 1 Samuel 1:12 + 28 times 1-4 + 1 Samuel 14:3; 1 Kings 2:27; Ηλει.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

BLB Scripture Index of Brown-Driver-Briggs

1 Samuel

1:3; 1:3; 1:9; 1:12; 14:3

1 Kings



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Strong's Number H5941 matches the Hebrew עֵלִי (ʿēlî),
which occurs 33 times in 30 verses in the WLC Hebrew.

Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 1:3 -

Now that man would go up from his city yearly to worship and to sacrifice to [fn]Yahweh of hosts in Shiloh. And the two sons of Eli H5941, Hophni and Phinehas, were priests to Yahweh there.

Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 1:9 -

Then Hannah rose after eating and drinking in Shiloh. Now Eli H5941 the priest was sitting on the seat by the doorpost of the temple of Yahweh.

Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 1:12 -

Now it happened, as she multiplied her praying before Yahweh, that Eli H5941 was watching her mouth.

Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 1:13 - As for Hannah, she was speaking in her heart; only her lips were moving, but her voice was not heard. So Eli H5941 thought she was drunk.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 1:14 - Then Eli H5941 said to her, “How long will you make yourself drunk? Put away your wine from you.”
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 1:17 - Then Eli H5941 answered and said, “Go in peace; and may the God of Israel grant your petition that you have asked of Him.”
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 1:25 - Then they slaughtered the bull and brought the young boy to Eli H5941.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 2:11 -

Then Elkanah went to his home at Ramah. But the young boy ministered to Yahweh before Eli H5941 the priest.

Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 2:12 -

Now the sons of Eli H5941 were [fn]vile men; they did not know Yahweh.

Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 2:20 - Then Eli H5941 would bless Elkanah and his wife and say, “May Yahweh establish for you a seed from this woman in place of [fn]the one she dedicated to Yahweh.” And they went to their own [fn]home.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 2:22 -

Now Eli H5941 was very old; and he heard all that his sons were doing to all Israel, and how they lay with the women who served at the doorway of the tent of meeting.

Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 2:27 -

Then a man of God came to Eli H5941 and said to him, “Thus says Yahweh, ‘Did I not indeed reveal Myself to the house of your father when they were in Egypt, enslaved to Pharaoh’s house?

Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 3:1 -

Now the young boy Samuel was ministering to Yahweh before Eli H5941. And word from Yahweh was rare in those days; [fn]visions were infrequent.

Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 3:2 -

And it happened at that time as Eli H5941 was lying down in his place (now his eyesight had begun to fade, and he could not see well),

Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 3:5 - Then he ran to Eli H5941 and said, “Here I am, for you called me.” But he said, “I did not call; go back, lie down.” So he went and lay down.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 3:6 - Then Yahweh called yet again, “Samuel!” So Samuel arose and went to Eli H5941 and said, “Here I am, for you called me.” But he [fn]answered, “I did not call, my son; go back, lie down.”
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 3:8 - So Yahweh called Samuel again for the third time. And he arose and went to Eli H5941 and said, “Here I am, for you called me.” Then Eli H5941 discerned that Yahweh was calling the young boy.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 3:9 - And Eli H5941 said to Samuel, “Go lie down, and it shall be if He calls you, that you shall say, ‘Speak, Yahweh, for Your slave is listening.’” So Samuel went and lay down in his place.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 3:12 - “In that day I will establish against Eli H5941 all that I have spoken concerning his house, from beginning to end.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 3:14 - “Now therefore I have sworn to the house of Eli H5941 that the iniquity of Eli’s H5941 house shall not be atoned for by sacrifice or offering forever.”
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 3:15 -

So Samuel lay down until morning. Then he opened the doors of the house of Yahweh. But Samuel was afraid to tell the vision to Eli H5941.

Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 3:16 - Then Eli H5941 called Samuel and said, “Samuel, my son.” And he said, “Here I am.”
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 4:4 - So the people sent to Shiloh, and from there they carried the ark of the covenant of Yahweh of hosts who sits above the cherubim; and the two sons of Eli H5941, Hophni and Phinehas, were there with the ark of the covenant of God.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 4:11 - And the ark of God was taken; and the two sons of Eli H5941, Hophni and Phinehas, died.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 4:13 - And he came, and behold, Eli H5941 was sitting on his seat [fn]by the road eagerly watching because his heart was trembling for the ark of God. Now the man came to tell it in the city, and all the city cried out.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 4:14 - Then Eli H5941 heard the noise of the outcry, and he said, “What does the noise of this commotion mean?” So the man came hurriedly and told Eli H5941.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 4:15 - Now Eli H5941 was ninety-eight years old, and his eyes had set so that he could not see.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 4:16 - And the man said to Eli H5941, “I am the one who came from the battle line. Indeed, I fled from the battle line today.” And he said, “How did things go, my son?”
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 14:3 - and Ahijah, the son of Ahitub, Ichabod’s brother, the son of Phinehas, the son of Eli H5941, the priest of Yahweh at Shiloh, was [fn]wearing an ephod. And the people did not know that Jonathan had gone.
Unchecked Copy Box1Ki 2:27 - So Solomon drove Abiathar away from being priest to Yahweh, in order to fulfill the word of Yahweh, which He had spoken concerning the house of Eli H5941 in Shiloh.
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