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Lexicon :: Strong's H6010 - ʿēmeq

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Part of Speech
masculine noun
Root Word (Etymology)
Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 1644a

Strong’s Definitions

עֵמֶק ʻêmeq, ay'-mek; from H6009; a vale (i.e. broad depression):—dale, vale, valley (often used as a part of proper names). See also H1025.

KJV Translation Count — Total: 69x

The KJV translates Strong's H6010 in the following manner: valley (63x), vale (4x), dale (2x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 69x
The KJV translates Strong's H6010 in the following manner: valley (63x), vale (4x), dale (2x).
  1. valley, vale, lowland, open country

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
עֵמֶק ʻêmeq, ay'-mek; from H6009; a vale (i.e. broad depression):—dale, vale, valley (often used as a part of proper names). See also H1025.
עֵ֫מֶק 70 noun masculineMicah 1:4 vale (properly deepening, depth, see GASmGeogr. 384 f. 654 f.; compare בִּקְעָה, גַּיְא, נַחַל); — י׳ absolute Joshua 8:13 +, construct Genesis 14:17 +; suffix עִמְקֵךְ Jeremiah 49:4, עִמְקָם Jeremiah 47:5 (but see below); plural עֲמָקִים Micah 1:4, suffix עֲמָקַיִךְ Isaiah 22:7; — vale, valley, lowland, opposed to הֶהָרִים Micah 1:4, amid mountains, e.g. about Jerusalem Isaiah 22:7; Jeremiah 31:40, so perhaps לשׁוֵה ע׳ Genesis 14:17 = הַמֶּלֶךְ ע׳ Genesis 14:17; 2 Samuel 18:18, compare תֶבְרוֺן ע׳ Genesis 37:14 (J), בְּגִבְעוֺן ע׳ Isaiah 28:21; Joshua 8:13 (JE), הָאֵלָה ע׳ 1 Samuel 17:2, 19; 1 Samuel 21:10 (perhaps Wady es-Sant, in Shephelah, west of Bethlehem, GASmGeogr. 226); אֲשֶׁר לְבֵית רְחוֺב ע׳ Judges 18:28 in extreme north; in Moab Jeremiah 48:8 (|| [opposed to?] מִישׁוֺר); or wider, e.g. Judges 5:15 (scene of Sisera's defeat; read perhaps ע׳ also for עֲמָלֵק Judges 5:14 GFM), יִזְרְעֶ֑אל ע׳ Judges 6:33; Hosea 1:5; Joshua 17:16 (JE), compare Judges 7:1, 8, 12; 1 Samuel 31:7 = 1 Chronicles 10:7, these all perhaps narrow ends of plain (compare GASml.c.), but see 1 Kings 20:28 (opposed to הֶהָרִים; || מִישׁוֺר 1 Kings 20:23; = open country, compare Aphek 1 Kings 20:26); of Jordan-valley Joshua 13:19, 27 (P); of maritime plain (opposed to הָהָר) Judges 1:19, 34; fit for chariots, so also אֶרֶץ הָע׳ Joshua 17:16 (P), compare Job 39:21; ישֶׁבֶת הָע׳ Jeremiah 21:13, compare Numbers 14:25 (see Gie Di); cultivated 1 Samuel 6:13; Jeremiah 49:4 (twice in verse); Job 39:10, fertile 1 Chronicles 27:29; Psalm 65:14 [Psalm 65:13]; Songs 2:1; see also אַיָּלוֺן, בָּכָא, כְּרָכָה, II. חָרוּץ, יְהוֺשָׁפָט, סֻכּוֺת, עָכוֺר, קְצִיץ, רְפָאִים, שִׂדִּים; בֵּית הָע׳. — For עִמְקָם Jeremiah 47:5 read עֲנָקִם Anakim Greek Version of the LXX Thes Hi Gf Gie Co Rothst; so also (more dubious) 1 Chronicles 12:16 (van d. H. 1 Chronicles 12:15) Gf Gie, where otherwise הָע׳ = people of valleys.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Strong's Number H6010 matches the Hebrew עֵמֶק (ʿēmeq),
which occurs 69 times in 64 verses in the WLC Hebrew.

Page 1 / 2 (Gen 14:3–Isa 17:5)

Unchecked Copy BoxGen 14:3 - All these kings [fn]came as allies to the Valley H6010 of Siddim (that is, the Salt Sea).
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 14:8 - And the king of Sodom and the king of Gomorrah, the king of Admah and the king of Zeboiim, and the king of Bela (that is, Zoar) came out; and they lined up for battle against them in the Valley H6010 of Siddim,
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 14:10 - Now the Valley H6010 of Siddim was full of tar pits; and the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled, and they fell [fn]into them. But those who survived fled to the hill country.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 14:17 - Then after his return from the [fn]defeat of Chedorlaomer and the kings who were with him, the king of Sodom went out to meet him at the Valley H6010 of Shaveh (that is, the King’s Valley H6010).
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 37:14 - Then he said to him, “Go now and see about the welfare of your brothers and the welfare of the flock, and bring word back to me.” So he sent him from the Valley H6010 of Hebron, and he came to Shechem.
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 14:25 - “Now the Amalekites and the Canaanites live in the valleys H6010; turn tomorrow and set out for the wilderness by the way of the [fn]Red Sea.”
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 7:24 - Then Joshua, and all Israel with him, took Achan the son of Zerah, the silver, the robe, the bar of gold, his sons, his daughters, his [fn]oxen, his donkeys, his sheep, his tent, and all that belonged to him; and they brought them up to the Valley H6010 of [fn]Achor.
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 7:26 - Then they erected over him a large heap of stones that stands to this day, and the LORD turned from the fierceness of His anger. Therefore the name of that place has been called the Valley H6010 of [fn]Achor to this day.
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 8:13 - So they stationed the people, all the army that was on the north side of the city, and its rear guard on the west side of the city, and Joshua spent that night in the midst of the valley H6010.
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 10:12 - Then Joshua spoke to the LORD on the day when the LORD turned the Amorites over to the sons of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel,
“Sun, stand still at Gibeon,
And moon, at the Valley H6010 of Aijalon!”
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 13:19 - Kiriathaim, Sibmah, Zereth-shahar on the hill of the valley H6010,
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 13:27 - and in the valley H6010, Beth-haram, Beth-nimrah, Succoth, and Zaphon, the rest of the kingdom of Sihon king of Heshbon, with the Jordan [fn]as a border, as far as the lower end of the Sea of [fn]Chinnereth beyond the Jordan to the east.
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 15:7 - And the border went up to Debir from the Valley H6010 of Achor, and turned northward toward Gilgal which is opposite the ascent of Adummim, which is on the south of the valley; and the border continued to the waters of En-shemesh and [fn]it ended at En-rogel.
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 15:8 - Then the border went up the Valley of Ben-hinnom to the slope of the Jebusite on the south (that is, Jerusalem); and the border went up to the top of the mountain which is opposite the Valley of Hinnom to the west, which is at the end of the Valley H6010 of Rephaim toward the north.
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 17:16 - The sons of Joseph then said, “The hill country is not enough for us, but all the Canaanites who live in the valley H6010 land have iron chariots, both those who are in Beth-shean and its towns and those who are in the Valley H6010 of Jezreel.”
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 18:16 - Then the border went down to the edge of the hill which is [fn]in the Valley of Ben-hinnom, which is in the Valley H6010 of Rephaim northward; and it went down to the Valley of Hinnom, to the slope of the Jebusite southward, and went down to En-rogel.
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 18:21 - Now the cities of the tribe of the sons of Benjamin according to their families were Jericho, Beth-hoglah, and Emek-keziz H6010,
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 1:19 - Now the LORD was with Judah, and they took possession of the hill country; but they could not [fn]drive out the inhabitants of the valley H6010, because they had iron chariots.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 1:34 - Then the Amorites [fn]forced the sons of Dan into the hill country, for they did not allow them to come down to the valley H6010;
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 5:15 - “And the [fn]princes of Issachar were with Deborah;
As was Issachar, so was Barak;
Into the valley H6010 they rushed at his [fn]heels;
Among the divisions of Reuben
There were great determinations of heart.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 6:33 - Then all the Midianites, the Amalekites, and the [fn]people of the east assembled together; and they crossed over and camped in the Valley H6010 of Jezreel.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 7:1 - Then Jerubbaal (that is, Gideon) and all the people who were with him got up early, and camped beside [fn]the spring of Harod; and the camp of Midian was on the north side of [fn]them by the hill of Moreh in the valley H6010.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 7:8 - So [fn]the three hundred men took the people’s provisions and their trumpets in their hands. And [fn]Gideon dismissed all the other men of Israel, each to his tent, but retained the three hundred men; and the camp of Midian was below him in the valley H6010.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 7:12 - Now the Midianites, the Amalekites, and all the [fn]people of the east were lying in the valley H6010 as numerous as locusts; and their camels were without number, as numerous as the sand on the seashore.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 18:28 - And there was no one to save them, because it was far from Sidon and they had no dealings with anyone, and it was in the valley H6010 which is near Beth-rehob. So they rebuilt the city and lived in it.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 6:13 - Now the people of Beth-shemesh were gathering in their wheat harvest in the valley H6010, and they raised their eyes and saw the ark, and rejoiced at seeing it.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 17:2 - Saul and the men of Israel were assembled and camped in the Valley H6010 of Elah, and they drew up in battle formation to confront the Philistines.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 17:19 - “For Saul and they and all the men of Israel are in the Valley H6010 of Elah, fighting the Philistines.”
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 21:9 - Then the priest said, “The sword of Goliath the Philistine, whom you [fn]killed in the Valley H6010 of Elah, behold, it is wrapped in a cloth behind the ephod; if you would take it for yourself, take it. For there is no other except it here.” And David said, “There is none like it; give it to me.”
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 31:7 - Now when the people of Israel who were on the other side of the valley H6010, with those who were beyond the Jordan, saw that the men of Israel had fled and that Saul and his sons were dead, they abandoned the cities and fled; then the Philistines came and settled in them.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 5:18 - Now the Philistines came and overran the Valley H6010 of Rephaim.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 5:22 - Now the Philistines came up once again and overran the Valley H6010 of Rephaim.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 18:18 - Now Absalom in his lifetime had taken and set up for himself a memorial stone, which is in the King’s Valley H6010, for he said, “I have no son to [fn]continue my name.” So he named the memorial stone after his own name, and it is called Absalom’s Monument to this day.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 23:13 - Then three of the thirty chief men went down and came to David at harvest time to the cave of Adullam, while the army of the Philistines was camping in the Valley H6010 of Rephaim.
Unchecked Copy Box1Ki 20:28 - Then a man of God approached and spoke to the king of Israel, and said, “This is what the LORD says: ‘Since the Arameans have said, “The LORD is a god of mountains, but He is not a god of valleys H6010,” therefore I will hand over to you all this great multitude, and you shall know that I am the LORD.’”
Unchecked Copy Box1Ch 10:7 - When all the people of Israel who were in the valley H6010 saw that they had fled, and that Saul and his sons were dead, they abandoned their cities and fled; and the Philistines came and lived in them.
Unchecked Copy Box1Ch 11:15 - Now three of the thirty chief men went down to the rock to David, into the cave of Adullam, while the army of the Philistines was camping in the Valley H6010 of Rephaim.
Unchecked Copy Box1Ch 12:15 - These are the ones who crossed the Jordan in the first month, when it was overflowing all its banks, and they put to flight all those in the valleys H6010, to the east and to the west.
Unchecked Copy Box1Ch 14:9 - Now the Philistines had come and carried out a raid in the Valley H6010 of Rephaim.
Unchecked Copy Box1Ch 14:13 - The Philistines carried out yet another raid in the valley H6010.
Unchecked Copy Box1Ch 27:29 - Shitrai the Sharonite was responsible for the cattle which were grazing in Sharon; and Shaphat the son of Adlai was responsible for the cattle in the valleys H6010.
Unchecked Copy Box2Ch 20:26 - Then on the fourth day they assembled in the Valley H6010 of Beracah, for they blessed the LORD there. Therefore they have named that place “The Valley H6010 of [fn]Beracah” until today.
Unchecked Copy BoxJob 39:10 - “Can you tie down the wild bull in a furrow with [fn]ropes,
Or will he [fn]plow the valleys H6010 after you?
Unchecked Copy BoxJob 39:21 - [fn]He paws in the valley H6010, and rejoices in his strength;
He goes out to meet the battle.
Unchecked Copy BoxPsa 60:6 - God has spoken in His [fn]holiness:
“I will triumph, I will divide up Shechem, and measure out the Valley H6010 of Succoth.
Unchecked Copy BoxPsa 65:13 - The meadows are clothed with flocks
And the valleys H6010 are covered with grain;
They shout for joy, yes, they sing.
Unchecked Copy BoxPsa 84:6 - Passing through the Valley H6010 of [fn]Baca they make it a [fn]spring;
The early rain also covers it with blessings.
Unchecked Copy BoxPsa 108:7 - God has spoken in His [fn]holiness:
“I will triumph, I will divide up Shechem,
And measure out the Valley H6010 of Succoth.
Unchecked Copy BoxSng 2:1 - “I am the [fn]rose of Sharon,
The lily of the valleys H6010.”
Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 17:5 - It will be like the [fn]reaper gathering the standing grain,
As his arm harvests the ears,
Or it will be like one gleaning ears of grain
In the Valley H6010 of Rephaim.

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