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The Blue Letter Bible

Lexicon :: Strong's H7307 - rûaḥ

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Part of Speech
feminine noun
Root Word (Etymology)
Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 2131a

Strong’s Definitions

רוּחַ rûwach, roo'-akh; from H7306; wind; by resemblance breath, i.e. a sensible (or even violent) exhalation; figuratively, life, anger, unsubstantiality; by extension, a region of the sky; by resemblance spirit, but only of a rational being (including its expression and functions):—air, anger, blast, breath, × cool, courage, mind, × quarter, × side, spirit(-ual), tempest, × vain, (whirl-) wind(-y).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 378x

The KJV translates Strong's H7307 in the following manner: Spirit or spirit (232x), wind (92x), breath (27x), side (6x), mind (5x), blast (4x), vain (2x), air (1x), anger (1x), cool (1x), courage (1x), miscellaneous (6x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 378x
The KJV translates Strong's H7307 in the following manner: Spirit or spirit (232x), wind (92x), breath (27x), side (6x), mind (5x), blast (4x), vain (2x), air (1x), anger (1x), cool (1x), courage (1x), miscellaneous (6x).
  1. wind, breath, mind, spirit

    1. breath

    2. wind

      1. of heaven

      2. quarter (of wind), side

      3. breath of air

      4. air, gas

      5. vain, empty thing

    3. spirit (as that which breathes quickly in animation or agitation)

      1. spirit, animation, vivacity, vigour

      2. courage

      3. temper, anger

      4. impatience, patience

      5. spirit, disposition (as troubled, bitter, discontented)

      6. disposition (of various kinds), unaccountable or uncontrollable impulse

      7. prophetic spirit

    4. spirit (of the living, breathing being in man and animals)

      1. as gift, preserved by God, God's spirit, departing at death, disembodied being

    5. spirit (as seat of emotion)

      1. desire

      2. sorrow, trouble

    6. spirit

      1. as seat or organ of mental acts

      2. rarely of the will

      3. as seat especially of moral character

    7. Spirit of God, the third person of the triune God, the Holy Spirit, coequal, coeternal with the Father and the Son

      1. as inspiring ecstatic state of prophecy

      2. as impelling prophet to utter instruction or warning

      3. imparting warlike energy and executive and administrative power

      4. as endowing men with various gifts

      5. as energy of life

      6. as manifest in the Shekinah glory

      7. never referred to as a depersonalised force

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
רוּחַ rûwach, roo'-akh; from H7306; wind; by resemblance breath, i.e. a sensible (or even violent) exhalation; figuratively, life, anger, unsubstantiality; by extension, a region of the sky; by resemblance spirit, but only of a rational being (including its expression and functions):—air, anger, blast, breath, × cool, courage, mind, × quarter, × side, spirit(-ual), tempest, × vain, (whirl-) wind(-y).
STRONGS H7307: Abbreviations
רוּחַ 378 noun feminineGenesis 41:8 (less often masculineExodus 10:13 +) breath, wind, spirit; — absolute ר׳ Genesis 8:1 +, ר֑וּחָה Jeremiah 52:23; construct רוּחַ Genesis 6:17 +; suffix רוּחִי Genesis 6:3 +, רוּחֲךָ Psalm 104:30 +, etc.; plural רוּחוֺת Psalm 104:4 +, רֻחוֺת Jeremiah 49:36, רוּחֹת Numbers 16:22; Numbers 26:16 (see Brרוח in O.T., JBL xix (1900), 132 ff., full statement of all passages); —
†1. breath of mouth or nostrils (33 times):
a. פִּיו רוּחַ Job 15:30 breath of his mouth, compare Job 19:17; אַפֵּינוּ רוּחַ Lamentations 4:20 (figurative of king), of idols לֹא רוּחַ בָּם Jeremiah 10:14 = Jeremiah 51:17, Habakkuk 2:19; Psalm 135:17; compare Job 9:18.
b. as mere breath: compare 2e. דִּבְרֵירֿוּחַ Job 16:3 i.e. windy words; נוֺאָשׁ לְרוּחַ אִמְרֵי Job 6:26, הַנְּבִיאִים יִהְיוּ לְרוּחַ Jeremiah 5:13.
c. as word of command:
(1) of God: כָּל־ פִּיו בְּרוּחַ (נעשׂו) צְבָאָם Psalm 33:6, compare Isaiah 34:16 (|| פֶּה);
(2) of Messianic king: בְּרוּחַ שְׂפָתָיו יָמִית רָשָׁע Isaiah 11:4.
d. as hard breathing through the nostrils in anger:
(1) of God: יִכְלוּ אַפּוֹ מֵרוּח Job 4:9; Exodus 15:8 (poem), 2 Samuel 22:16 = Psalm 18:16; Isaiah 30:28; Isaiah 59:19;
(2) of man: רוּחַ עָרִיצִים Isaiah 25:4.
e. as sign and symbol of life: רוּחַ חַיִּים breath of life Genesis 6:17; Genesis 7:15 (P); בְּאַפָּיו חַיִּים רוּחַ רוּחַ Genesis 7:22 (P); Ezekiel 37:5, compare Ezekiel 37:6; Ezekiel 37:8; Ezekiel 37:9; Ezekiel 37:9; Ezekiel 37:9; Ezekiel 37:10; Ezekiel 37:14 (breath or spirit), Ecclesiastes 3:19.
2. wind (117 times):
a. wind of heaven: Genesis 8:1 (P) Exodus 15:10 (E) Numbers 11:31 (J) 1 Kings 18:45 +, Jeremiah 10:13, thence Jeremiah 51:16; Psalm 135:7; רוּחַ י׳ Hosea 13:15; Isaiah 40:7, compare Job 26:13 (Di Bu); † רוּחַ (ה)קָדִים east wind Exodus 10:13 (twice in verse); Exodus 14:21 (J) Psalm 48:8; Jeremiah 18:17; Ezekiel 17:10; Ezekiel 19:12; Ezekiel 27:26; Jonah 4:8; † צָפוֺן ר׳ north wind Proverbs 25:23; † יָם ר׳ sea wind (west wind) Exodus 10:19 (J);. † הַיּוֺם ר׳ day wind, evening wind Genesis 3:8 (J; compare Songs 2:17; Songs 4:6); † אַרְבַּע רוּחוֺת four winds Jeremiah 49:36; Ezekiel 37:9 (quarters?) Daniel 8:8; Daniel 11:4 (figurative quarters; compare b), Zechariah 2:10; Zechariah 6:5; רוּחַ סְעְרָה storm wind Psalm 107:25; Psalm 148:8; Ezekiel 1:4 (סְעָרוֺת ר׳), Ezekiel 13:11, 13; רוּחַ סֹעָה rushing wind Psalm 55:9 (read possibly סערה Hup); בַּעְיָם רוּחוֺ Isaiah 11:15 (read בְּעֹצֶם ר׳, see עֲיָם, עֹצֶם), etc; wind personified: כַּנְפֵי רוּחַ 2 Samuel 22:11 = Psalm 18:11; Psalm 104:3, compare Hosea 4:19; Psalm 104:4.
b. quarter (of wind), side: רוּחַ הַקָּדִים Ezekiel 42:16 east side; רוּחַ הַצָּפוֺן Ezekiel 42:17 north side; רוּחַ הַדָּרוֺם Ezekiel 42:18 south side; רוּחַ הַיָּם Ezekiel 42:19 west side; אַרְבַּע רוּחוֺת Ezekiel 42:20; 1 Chronicles 9:24 four sides; ר֑וּחָה Jeremiah 52:23 on the sides.
c. breath of air: שָׁאֲפוּ רוּחַ כַּתַּנִּים Jeremiah 14:6; רוּחַ לֹא יָבֹא בֵּינֵיהֶם Job 41:8.
d. air, gas, from womb (dubious): כְּמוֺ יָלַדְנוּ רוּחַ Isaiah 26:18 (Di, e); רוּחֲכֶם אֵשׁ תֹּאכַלְכֶם (RV breath) Isaiah 33:11 (Du, 3c).
e. vain, empty thing: רוּחַיָּי֑ Job 7:7 my life is wind; דַּעַת רוּחַ Job 15:2; רוּחַ וָתֹהוּ נִסְכֵּיהֶם Isaiah 41:29; רְעוּת רוּחַ striving for wind Ecclesiastes 1:14; Ecclesiastes 2:11, 17, 26; Ecclesiastes 4:4, 6; Ecclesiastes 6:9; compare Ecclesiastes 1:17; Ecclesiastes 4:16; Ecclesiastes 5:15.
†3. spirit, as that which breathes quickly in animation or agitation = temper, disposition (76 times; so, distinctively, as compared with H5315 נֶפֶשׁ and H3824 לֵבָב):
a. spirit, animation, vivacity, vigour: לֹא הָיָה בָהּ עוֺד רוּחַ 1 Kings 10:5 2 Chronicles 9:4; מַהזֶּֿה רוּחֲךָ סָרָה 1 Kings 21:5; וַתְּחִי רוּחַ Genesis 45:27 (E); וַתָּשָׁב רוּחוֺ Judges 15:19; 1 Samuel 30:12.
b. courage: לֹא הָיָה בָם עוֺד ר׳ Joshua 5:1; נְגִידִים יִבְצֹר ר׳ Psalm 76:13; מִצְרַיִם וְנָָֽבְקָה ר׳ Isaiah 19:3; תתעטּף רוּחִי Psalm 77:4; Psalm 142:4; Psalm 143:4; לֹא קָמָה עוֺד ר׳ Joshua 2:11; אִישׁ יְכַלְכֵּל מַחֲלֵהוּ ר׳ Proverbs 18:14.
c. temper, especially anger: רוּחַ רָעָה בֵּין וגו׳ Judges 9:23; אָז רָֽפְתָה רוּחָם Judges 8:3; משֵׁל בְּרוּחוֺ Proverbs 16:32, compare Proverbs 25:28; Proverbs 29:11; Job 15:13; הֵנִיחוּ אֶתרֿוּחִי Zechariah 6:8; Ecclesiastes 7:9; Ecclesiastes 10:4.
d. impatience or patience: קֹצֶר רוּחַ Exodus 6:9 (P) impatience, hastiness of temper, compare (of י׳) Micah 2:7; קְצַררֿוּחַ Proverbs 14:29 (|| אַפַּיִם אֶרֶךְ); הֱצִיקַתְנִי רוּחַ בִּטְנִי Job 32:18 (Du breath; Di Bu divine spirit, compare Job 32:8); אִם מַדּוּעַ לֹאתִֿקְצַר רוּחִי Job 21:4; הֲקָצַר רוּחַ י׳ Micah 2:7; אֶרֶךְ ר׳ Ecclesiastes 7:8.
e. spirit, disposition, as troubled, bitter, or discontented; רוּח(ו) וַתָּפָּעֶם (his) spirit was troubled Genesis 41:8 (E) Daniel 2:3, compare Daniel 2:1; מֹרַת רוּחַ Genesis 26:35 (P) bitterness of spirit; עֲצוּבַת ר׳ Isaiah 54:6, compare Ezekiel 3:14; Job 6:4.
f. as crushed: וְכִהֲתָה כָלרֿוּחַ Ezekiel 21:12, compare Isaiah 61:3; Proverbs 15:4, 13; Proverbs 17:22; Proverbs 18:14; Psalm 143:7.
g. disposition of various kinds, often unaccountable and uncontrollable impulse: הֵעִיר אֶתרֿוּחַ 1 Chronicles 5:26 (twice in verse); 2 Chronicles 21:16; 36:22; Ezra 1:1, 5; Jeremiah 51:11; Haggai 1:14 (3 times in verse); הִנְנִי נ(וֺ)תֵן בּוֺ רוּח 2 Kings 19:7 = Isaiah 37:7; Numbers 14:24 (J; see עִם 4b), Malachi 2:15 (twice in verse); Malachi 2:16; Deuteronomy 2:30; רוּחַ קִנְאָה jealous disposition Numbers 5:14 (twice in verse); Numbers 5:30 (P); רוּחַ וְנוּנִים Hosea 4:12; Hosea 5:4; רוּחַ עִוְעִים Isaiah 19:14; מִשְׁפָּט רוּחַ Isaiah 28:6; אִישׁ אֲשֶׁר רוּחַ אֱלהִֹרם בּוֺ (administrative) Genesis 41:38 (E); קַר רוּחַ אִישׁ הְּבוּנָה Proverbs 17:27.
h. prophetic spirit: יְהוֺשֻׁעַ אִישׁ אֲשֶׁרֿ רוּחַ בּזֹ Numbers 27:18 (P; or g, as Genesis 41:38); רוּחַ אֵלִיָּהוּ עַלאֱֿלִישָׁע 2 Kings 2:15, compare 2 Kings 2:9; רוּחַ תַּרְדֵמָה spirit of deep sleep (ecstatic, compare Genesis 2:21; Genesis 15:12, but Di and others g, as Isaiah 19:14) Isaiah 29:10; Micah 2:11; רוּחַ הַטֻמְאָה Zechariah 13:2 (of lying prophets), compare Ezekiel 13:3.
†4. spirit of the living, breathing being, dwelling in the בָּשָׂר of men and animals, || נֶפֶשׁ (25 times):
a. gift and creation of God: יֹצֵר רוּחַ אָדָם בְּקִרְבּוֺ Zechariah 12:1; בְּאַפִּי אֱלוֹהַּ רוּחַ Job 27:3, compare Isaiah 42:5.
b. God preserves it: רוּחִי שָֽׁמְרָה פְּקֻדָּֽתְךָ Job 10:12, compare Job 12:10; אֱלֹהֵי הָרוּחֹת לְכָל בָּשָׂ֑ר Numbers 16:22; Numbers 27:16 (P); תֹּכֵן רוּחוֺת Proverbs 16:2.
c. it is therefore God's spirit: Genesis 6:3 (J; see דִּין near the end).
d. it departs at death: Psalm 78:39 (Dr a wind that passeth away 2e); חַיֵּי רוּחִי Isaiah 38:16 (Di principle of life), Psalm 146:4; especially Psalm 104:29; Psalm 104:30; Job 17:1; Job 34:14 (compare Job 34:15), Isaiah 57:16; Ecclesiastes 8:8 (twice in verse) (wind Wild); אֵינְךָ יוֺדֵעַ מַהדֶּֿרֶךְ הָרוּחַ Ecclesiastes 11:5, compare Ecclesiastes 3:21; over ag. הָרוּחַ תָּשׁוּב אֶלהָֿאֱלֹהִים אֲשֶׁר נְתָנָהּ Ecclesiastes 12:7; בְּיָָֽדְךָ אַפְקִיד רוּחִי Psalm 31:6.
e. disembodied being (dubious, Di Du breath of wind): עַל־פָּנַי וְרוּחַ יַחֲלֹף Job 4:15.
†5. spirit as seat of emotion = נֶפֶשׁ :
a. desire (possibly 3g), Isaiah 26:9 (|| נֶפֶשׁ).
b. sorrow, trouble (probably 3e), Job 7:11 (|| נֶפֶשׁ). — 1 Samuel 1:15 see קָשֶׁה.
†6. occasionally, (and late) = seat or organ of mental acts, || לֵב, or synonym with it: רוּחַ חָכְמָה Exodus 28:3; Deuteronomy 34:9 (both P; probably 3g); תּעֵי רוּחַ Isaiah 29:24, compare Job 20:3 (Hi Bu Du wind of Job's words), Psalm 77:7 (Greek Version of the LXX Symm Syriac Version Jerome troubled disposition); רוּחַ יהוה Isaiah 40:13; come into mind Ezekiel 11:5, 20:32 (compare לֵב Isaiah 65:17; Jeremiah 3:16 +); 1 Chronicles 28:12.
†7. rarely of the will; also = רוּחַ נָכוֺן לֵב Psalm 51:12 [Psalm 51:10] (= לֵב נָכוֺן Psalm 57:8 (twice in verse) +); רוּחַ נְדִיבָה Psalm 51:14; רוּחוֺ נָֽדְבָה Exodus 35:21 (P; compare נְדִיב לֵב Exodus 35:5, 22 (P) 2 Chronicles 29:31).
†8. רוּחַ especially of moral character; also = ׃לֵב רוּחַ חֲדָשָׁה Ezekiel 11:19; 18:31; 36:26; רוּחִי Ezekiel 36:27; Isaiah 59:21 (רוּחִי, || דְּבָרַי; but probably prophetic spirit 9b); לֵב חָדָשׁ Ezekiel 18:31; Ezekiel 36:26; נְכֵה רוּחַ Isaiah 66:2; דַּכְּאֵי רוּחַ Psalm 34:19 (compare לֵב נִדְכָּאִים Isaiah 57:15); מִשֵּׁבֶר רוּחַ Isaiah 65:14 (compare 3f); רוּחַ נִשְׁבָּרֶה Psalm 51:19 (|| לֵב נִשְׁבָּר, compare נִשְׁבְּרֵי לֵב Psalm 34:19; Isaiah 61:1); Psalm 32:2; Proverbs 11:13; Proverbs 16:18; Psalm 78:8; Ecclesiastes 7:8 (compare גְּבַהּלֵב Proverbs 16:5); שְׁפַל רוּחַ Proverbs 16:19; Proverbs 29:23; Isaiah 57:15; רוּחַ שְׁפָלִים Isaiah 57:15 (compare 3f).
†9. spirit of God (94 times; not D or Jeremiah or any Deuteronomic writer; conception of its activity in inspiring prophecy probably discredited from abuse by false prophets, see נביא, נבא):
a. as inspiring ecstatic state of prophecy, Numbers 11:17, 25 (twice in verse); Numbers 11:26, 29 (J), 1 Samuel 10:6, 10 (compare 1 Samuel 10:5), 1 Samuel 19:20, 23; as inciting to deeds of frenzy, in the ecstatic state; hence conceived as אֱלֹהִים רָעָה ר׳ 1 Samuel 16:15 (twice in verse); 1 Samuel 16:16, = רָעָה מֵאֵת י׳ ר׳ 1 Samuel 16:14 = רָעָה א׳ צלח ר׳ 1 Samuel 18:10 (other narrative) = רָעָה י׳ ר׳ 1 Samuel 19:9; א׳ ר׳ 1 Samuel 16:23 = רוּחַ הָרָעָה 1 Samuel 16:23, compare הָרוּחַ 1 Kings 22:21 = שֶׁקֶר ר׳ 1 Kings 22:22; 1 Kings 22:23 2 Chronicles 18:20, 21, 22 = רוּחַ י׳ 1 Kings 22:24 2 Chronicles 18:23; compare also (in earlier prophets) אִישׁ הָרוּחַ, i.e. one possessed by the spirit in the ecstatic state, || הַנָּבִּיא Hosea 9:7; רוּחַ י׳ Micah 3:8 (|| בֹּחַ) is probably gloss (We Now); וְלֹא רוּחִי Isaiah 30:1; רוּחַ dealing with Ezek.: Ezekiel 2:2; Ezekiel 3:12, 14, 24; Ezekiel 8:3; Ezekiel 11:1, 5, 24 (Co gloss), Ezekiel 37:1; Ezekiel 43:5 (all implying ecstatic state of vision), compare Elijah 1 Kings 18:12; 2 Kings 2:16.
b. spirit as impelling prophets to utter instruction or warning (higher and later conception): transition probably Numbers 24:2; 2 Samuel 23:2; 1 Chronicles 12:18; elsewhere in Chronicles: 2 Chronicles 15:1; 20:14; 24:20; distinctly in Isa2, Isaiah 48:16, compare Isaiah 61:1; so of ancient prophets, Zechariah 7:12; Nehemiah 9:30; compare, of future prophetic gift, Joel 3:1 [Joel 2:28]; Joel 3:2 [Joel 2:29].
c. imparting warlike energy, and executive and administrative power:
(1) to שֹׁפְטִים, מוֺשִׁיעִים, מְלָכִים, of ancient Israel: וַתְּהִי רוּחַ על י׳ Judges 3:10; Judges 11:29, compare Judges 6:34; Judges 13:25; Judges 14:6, 19; Judges 15:14; 1 Samuel 11:6; 1 Samuel 16:13, 14; so also עַד יֵעָרֶה עָלֵינוּ רוּחַ מִמָּרוֺם Isaiah 32:15;
(2) resting upon Messianic king: Isaiah 11:2 (3 times in verse); upon servant of י׳, Isaiah 42:1.
d. late, as endowing men with various gifts: technical skill Exodus 31:3; Exodus 35:31 (P); understanding Job 32:8 (|| נִשְׁמַת שַׁדַּי); poured out by divine wisdom Proverbs 1:23.
e. as energy of life: הַמָּ֑יִם עַלַ־פְּנֵי מְרַחֶפֶת אֱלֹהִים רוּחַ Genesis 1:2 (P); רוּחַ אֵל עָשָׂ֑תְנִי Job 33:4 (|| נִשְׁמַת שַׁדַּי); as vital power, opposed to בָשָׂר : Isaiah 31:3; in cherubic chariot: Ezekiel 1:12, compare Ezekiel 1:20; Ezekiel 1:21; Ezekiel 10:17; reviving Israel Ezekiel 39:29; Zechariah 12:10; Isaiah 44:3.
f. = ancient angel of the presence and later Shekina: קָדְשׁוֺ ר׳ Isaiah 63:10, 11 = י׳ ר׳ Isaiah 63:14 (= פָּנָיו מַלְאַךְ Isaiah 63:9), compare Psalm 106:33; so also קָדְשְׁךָ ר׳ Psalm 51:13 (in national prayer), compare Nehemiah 9:20; Psalm 143:10; prophets of restoration conceive of the divine spirit as standing in their midst and about to fulfil all divine promises: רוּחִי עֹמֶדֶת בְּתוֺכֲכֶם Haggai 2:5; Zechariah 4:6; this conception culminates in רוּחַ = divine Presence, and as such omnipresent, Psalm 139:7 (|| פָּנֶיךָ; compare Psalm 139:8).
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Word / Phrase / Strong's Search

Strong's Number H7307 matches the Hebrew רוּחַ (rûaḥ),
which occurs 378 times in 348 verses in the WLC Hebrew.

Page 1 / 7 (Gen 1:2–1Sa 10:10)

Unchecked Copy BoxGen 1:2 - The earth was [fn]formless and void, and darkness was over the [fn]surface of the deep, and the Spirit H7307 of God was [fn]moving over the [fn]surface of the waters.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 3:8 - They heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the [fn]cool H7307 of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God among the trees of the garden.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 6:3 - Then the LORD said, “My Spirit H7307 shall not [fn]strive with man forever, [fn]because he also is flesh; [fn]nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.”
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 6:17 - “Behold, I, even I am bringing the flood of water upon the earth, to destroy all flesh in which is the breath H7307 of life, from under heaven; everything that is on the earth shall perish.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 7:15 - So they went into the ark to Noah, by twos of all flesh in which was the breath H7307 of life.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 7:22 - of all that was on the dry land, all in whose nostrils was the breath of the spirit H7307 of life, died.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 8:1 - But God remembered Noah and all the beasts and all the cattle that were with him in the ark; and God caused a wind H7307 to pass over the earth, and the water subsided.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 26:35 - and they [fn]brought grief H7307 to Isaac and Rebekah.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 41:8 - Now in the morning his spirit H7307 was troubled, so he sent and called for all the [fn]magicians of Egypt, and all its wise men. And Pharaoh told them his [fn]dreams, but there was no one who could interpret them to Pharaoh.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 41:38 - Then Pharaoh said to his servants, “Can we find a man like this, in whom is a divine spirit?” H7307
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 45:27 - When they told him all the words of Joseph that he had spoken to them, and when he saw the wagons that Joseph had sent to carry him, the spirit H7307 of their father Jacob revived.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 6:9 - So Moses spoke thus to the sons of Israel, but they did not listen to Moses on account of their [fn]despondency H7307 and cruel bondage.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 10:13 - So Moses stretched out his staff over the land of Egypt, and the LORD directed an east wind H7307 on the land all that day and all that night; and when it was morning, the east wind H7307 [fn]brought the locusts.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 10:19 - So the LORD shifted the wind to a very strong west wind H7307 which took up the locusts and drove them into the [fn]Red Sea; not one locust was left in all the territory of Egypt.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 14:21 - Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD [fn]swept the sea back by a strong east wind H7307 all night and turned the sea into dry land, so the waters were divided.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 15:8 - “At the blast H7307 of Your nostrils the waters were piled up,
The flowing waters stood up like a heap;
The deeps were congealed in the heart of the sea.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 15:10 - “You blew with Your wind, H7307 the sea covered them;
They sank like lead in the [fn]mighty waters.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 28:3 - “You shall speak to all the [fn]skillful persons whom I have endowed with [fn]the spirit H7307 of wisdom, that they make Aaron’s garments to consecrate him, that he may minister as priest to Me.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 31:3 - “I have filled him with the Spirit H7307 of God in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge, and in all kinds of [fn]craftsmanship,
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 35:21 - Everyone whose heart [fn]stirred him and everyone whose spirit H7307 [fn]moved him came and brought the LORDS [fn]contribution for the work of the tent of meeting and for all its service and for the holy garments.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 35:31 - “And He has filled him with the Spirit H7307 of God, in wisdom, in understanding and in knowledge and in all [fn]craftsmanship;
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 5:14 - [fn]if a spirit H7307 of jealousy comes over him and he is jealous of his wife when she has defiled herself, or if a spirit H7307 of jealousy comes over him and he is jealous of his wife when she has not defiled herself,
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 5:30 - or when a spirit H7307 of jealousy comes over a man and he is jealous of his wife, he shall then make the woman stand before the LORD, and the priest shall apply all this law to her.
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 11:17 - “Then I will come down and speak with you there, and I will take of the Spirit H7307 who is upon you, and will put Him upon them; and they shall bear the burden of the people with you, so that you will not bear it all alone.
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 11:25 - Then the LORD came down in the cloud and spoke to him; and He took of the Spirit H7307 who was upon him and placed Him upon the seventy elders. And when the Spirit H7307 rested upon them, they prophesied. But they did not do it again.
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 11:26 - But two men had remained in the camp; the name of one was Eldad and the name of the [fn]other Medad. And the Spirit H7307 rested upon them (now they were among those who had been registered, but had not gone out to the tent), and they prophesied in the camp.
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 11:29 - But Moses said to him, “Are you jealous for my sake? Would that all the LORDS people were prophets, that the LORD would put His Spirit H7307 upon them!”
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 11:31 - Now there went forth a wind H7307 from the LORD and it brought quail from the sea, and let them fall beside the camp, about a day’s journey on this side and a day’s journey on the other side, all around the camp and [fn]about two [fn]cubits deep on the surface of the ground.
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 14:24 - “But My servant Caleb, because he has had a different spirit H7307 and has followed Me fully, [fn]I will bring into the land [fn]which he entered, and his [fn]descendants shall take possession of it.
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 16:22 - But they fell on their faces and said, “O God, God of the spirits H7307 of all flesh, when one man sins, will You be angry with the entire congregation?”
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 24:2 - And Balaam lifted up his eyes and saw Israel [fn]camping tribe by tribe; and the Spirit H7307 of God came upon him.
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 27:16 - “May the LORD, the God of the spirits H7307 of all flesh, appoint a man over the congregation,
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 27:18 - So the LORD said to Moses,[fn]Take Joshua the son of Nun, a man in whom is the Spirit, H7307 and lay your hand on him;
Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 2:30 - “But Sihon king of Heshbon was not willing for us to pass [fn]through his land; for the LORD your God hardened his spirit H7307 and made his heart obstinate, in order to deliver him into your hand, as he is today.
Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 34:9 - Now Joshua the son of Nun was filled with the spirit H7307 of wisdom, for Moses had laid his hands on him; and the sons of Israel listened to him and did as the LORD had commanded Moses.
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 2:11 - “When we heard it, our hearts melted and no [fn]courage H7307 remained in any man any longer because of you; for the LORD your God, He is God in heaven above and on earth beneath.
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 5:1 - Now it came about when all the kings of the Amorites who were beyond the Jordan to the west, and all the kings of the Canaanites who were by the sea, heard how the LORD had dried up the waters of the Jordan before the sons of Israel until [fn]they had crossed, that their hearts melted, and there was no spirit H7307 in them any longer because of the sons of Israel.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 3:10 - The Spirit H7307 of the LORD came upon him, and he judged Israel. When he went out to war, the LORD gave Cushan-rishathaim king of [fn]Mesopotamia into his hand, so that [fn]he prevailed over Cushan-rishathaim.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 6:34 - So the Spirit H7307 of the LORD [fn]came upon Gideon; and he blew a trumpet, and the Abiezrites were called together to follow him.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 8:3 - “God has given the leaders of Midian, Oreb and Zeeb into your hands; and what was I able to do in comparison with you?” Then their [fn]anger H7307 toward him subsided when he said [fn]that.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 9:23 - Then God sent an evil spirit H7307 between Abimelech and the men of Shechem; and the men of Shechem dealt treacherously with Abimelech,
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 11:29 - Now the Spirit H7307 of the LORD came upon Jephthah, so that he passed through Gilead and Manasseh; then he passed through Mizpah of Gilead, and from Mizpah of Gilead he went on to the sons of Ammon.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 13:25 - And the Spirit H7307 of the LORD began to stir him in [fn]Mahaneh-dan, between Zorah and Eshtaol.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 14:6 - The Spirit H7307 of the LORD [fn]came upon him mightily, so that he tore him as one tears a young goat though he had nothing in his hand; but he did not tell his father or mother what he had done.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 14:19 - Then the Spirit H7307 of the LORD [fn]came upon him mightily, and he went down to Ashkelon and killed thirty of them and took their spoil and gave the changes of clothes to those who told the riddle. And his anger burned, and he went up to his father’s house.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 15:14 - When he came to Lehi, the Philistines shouted as they met him. And the Spirit H7307 of the LORD [fn]came upon him mightily so that the ropes that were on his arms were as flax that is burned with fire, and his bonds [fn]dropped from his hands.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 15:19 - But God split the hollow place that is in Lehi so that water came out of it. When he drank, his [fn]strength H7307 returned and he revived. Therefore he named it [fn]En-hakkore, which is in Lehi to this day.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 1:15 - But Hannah replied, “No, my lord, I am a woman [fn]oppressed in spirit; H7307 I have drunk neither wine nor strong drink, but I have poured out my soul before the LORD.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 10:6 - “Then the Spirit H7307 of the LORD will come upon you mightily, and you shall prophesy with them and be changed into another man.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 10:10 - When they came to [fn]the hill there, behold, a group of prophets met him; and the Spirit H7307 of God came upon him mightily, so that he prophesied among them.

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