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Lexicon :: Strong's H7699 - šaḏ

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Part of Speech
masculine noun
Root Word (Etymology)
Probably from שׁוּד (H7736) (in its original sense) contracted
Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 2332a

Strong’s Definitions

שַׁד shad, shad; or שֹׁד shôd; probably from H7736 (in its original sense) contracted; the breast of a woman or animal (as bulging):—breast, pap, teat.

KJV Translation Count — Total: 24x

The KJV translates Strong's H7699 in the following manner: breast (22x), teat (1x), pap (1x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 24x
The KJV translates Strong's H7699 in the following manner: breast (22x), teat (1x), pap (1x).
  1. breast, bosom, (female) breast

    1. breast (of woman)

    2. breast (of animal)

    3. breast (of both human and animal)

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
שַׁד shad, shad; or שֹׁד shôd; probably from H7736 (in its original sense) contracted; the breast of a woman or animal (as bulging):—breast, pap, teat.
STRONGS H7699: Abbreviations
† [שַׁד] noun masculineHosea 9:14 female breast; — absolute שָׁ֑ד Lamentations 4:3; elsewhere dual שָׁדַיִם Hosea 9:14 +, construct שְׁדֵי Ezekiel 23:21 +, suffix שָׁדַי Songs 1:13; Songs 8:10, שָׁדַיִךְ Songs 4:5 +, etc.; — breast:
1. of woman Hosea 2:4; Ezekiel 16:7; Ezekiel 23:3, 21 (שְׁדֵי נְעוּרָ֑יִךְ, || דַּדַּיִךְ), Ezekiel 23:34 (> strike out Greek Version of the LXX Manuscripts Co; — all these of personified People), Songs 1:13; Songs 4:5; Songs 7:4, 8, 9; Songs 8:8, 10; of mother Psalm 22:10, with יָנַק suck Songs 8:1; Job 3:12; Joel 2:15; Hosea 9:14 (see [צָמַק]); מִשּׁ׳ עֲתִיקֵי Isaiah 28:9 i.e. those already weaned, mature (|| גְּמוּלֵי מֵךְָלָב). — Isaiah 32:12 see [ספד].
2. of animal Lamentations 4:3.
3. both human and animal, וָרָ֑חַם בִּרְכוֺת שׁ׳ Genesis 49:25 (poem in J).

† II. שֹׁד noun masculine id. (compare the rare Arabic bdb099408, Lane333 BaZMG ii. 637); — שׁ׳ absolute, of mother Job 24:9; construct (figurative, with יָנַק): מְלָכִים שׁ׳ Isaiah 60:16, תַּנְחֻמֶיהָ שׁ׳ Isaiah 66:11, i.e. the consolations of Jerusalem.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

BLB Scripture Index of Brown-Driver-Briggs




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Strong's Number H7699 matches the Hebrew שַׁד (šaḏ),
which occurs 24 times in 24 verses in the WLC Hebrew.

Unchecked Copy BoxGen 49:25 - From the God of your father who helps you,
And [fn]by the [fn]Almighty who blesses you
With blessings of heaven above,
Blessings of the deep that lies beneath,
Blessings of the breasts H7699 and of the womb.
Unchecked Copy BoxJob 3:12 - “Why were the knees there in front of me,
And why the breasts H7699, that I would nurse?
Unchecked Copy BoxJob 24:9 - Others snatch an orphan from the breast H7699,
And they seize it as a pledge against the poor.
Unchecked Copy BoxPsa 22:9 - Yet You are He who brought me forth from the womb;
You made me trust when upon my mother’s breasts H7699.
Unchecked Copy BoxSng 1:13 - “My beloved is to me a pouch of myrrh
Which lies all night between my breasts H7699.
Unchecked Copy BoxSng 4:5 - “Your two breasts H7699 are like two fawns,
Twins of a gazelle
That graze among the lilies.
Unchecked Copy BoxSng 7:3 - “Your two breasts H7699 are like two fawns,
Twins of a gazelle.
Unchecked Copy BoxSng 7:7 - [fn]Your stature is like a palm tree,
And your breasts H7699 are like its clusters.
Unchecked Copy BoxSng 7:8 - “I said, ‘I will climb the palm tree,
I will grasp its fruit stalks.’
Oh, may your breasts H7699 be like clusters of the vine,
And the fragrance of your [fn]breath like apples,
Unchecked Copy BoxSng 8:1 - “Oh that you were like a brother to me
Who nursed at my mother’s breasts H7699.
If I found you outdoors, I would kiss you;
No one would despise me, either.
Unchecked Copy BoxSng 8:8 - The Chorus
“We have a little sister,
And she has no breasts H7699;
What shall we do for our sister
On the day when she is spoken for?
Unchecked Copy BoxSng 8:10 - The Bride
“I was a wall, and my breasts H7699 were like towers;
Then I became in his eyes as one who finds peace.
Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 28:9 - “To whom would He teach knowledge,
And to whom would He interpret the message?
Those just weaned from milk?
Those just taken from the breast H7699?
Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 32:12 - Beat your breasts H7699 for the pleasant fields, for the fruitful vine,
Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 60:16 - “You will also suck the milk of nations,
And suck the breast H7699 of kings;
Then you will know that I, the LORD, am your Savior
And your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.
Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 66:11 - So that you may nurse and be satisfied with her comforting breasts H7699,
So that you may drink fully and be delighted with her bountiful breasts.”
Unchecked Copy BoxLam 4:3 - Even jackals offer the breast H7699,
They nurse their young;
But the daughter of my people has proved herself cruel,
Like ostriches in the wilderness.
Unchecked Copy BoxEze 16:7 - “I made you [fn]very numerous, like plants of the field. Then you grew up, became tall and reached the age for fine jewelry; your breasts H7699 were formed and your hair had grown. Yet you were naked and bare.
Unchecked Copy BoxEze 23:3 - and they prostituted themselves in Egypt. They prostituted themselves in their youth; there their breasts H7699 were squeezed and there their virgin breasts were handled.
Unchecked Copy BoxEze 23:21 - “So you longed for the outrageous sin of your youth, when [fn]the Egyptians handled your breasts because of the breasts H7699 of your youth.
Unchecked Copy BoxEze 23:34 - ‘And you will drink it and drain it.
Then you will gnaw on its fragments
And tear your breasts H7699;
for I have spoken,’ declares the Lord GOD.
Unchecked Copy BoxHos 2:2 - “Dispute with your mother, dispute,
Because she is not my wife, and I am not her husband;
But she must remove her infidelity from her face
And her adultery from between her breasts H7699,
Unchecked Copy BoxHos 9:14 - Give to them, LORD—what will You give?
Give them a miscarrying womb and dried-up breasts H7699.
Unchecked Copy BoxJoe 2:16 - Gather the people, sanctify the congregation,
Assemble the elders,
Gather the children and the nursing H7699 infants H7699.
Have the groom come out of his room
And the bride out of her bridal chamber.
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