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The Blue Letter Bible

Lexicon :: Strong's H8074 - šāmēm

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Part of Speech
Root Word (Etymology)
A primitive root
Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 2409

Strong’s Definitions

שָׁמֵם shâmêm, shaw-mame'; a primitive root; to stun (or intransitively, grow numb), i.e. devastate or (figuratively) stupefy (both usually in a passive sense):—make amazed, be astonied, (be an) astonish(-ment), (be, bring into, unto, lay, lie, make) desolate(-ion, places), be destitute, destroy (self), (lay, lie, make) waste, wonder.

KJV Translation Count — Total: 92x

The KJV translates Strong's H8074 in the following manner: desolate (49x), astonished (20x), desolation (7x), waste (5x), destroy (3x), wondered (2x), amazed (1x), astonishment (1x), miscellaneous (4x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 92x
The KJV translates Strong's H8074 in the following manner: desolate (49x), astonished (20x), desolation (7x), waste (5x), destroy (3x), wondered (2x), amazed (1x), astonishment (1x), miscellaneous (4x).
  1. to be desolate, be appalled, stun, stupefy

    1. (Qal)

      1. to be desolated, be deflowered, be deserted, be appalled

      2. to be appalled, be awestruck

    2. (Niphal)

      1. to be desolated, be made desolate

      2. to be appalled

    3. (Polel)

      1. to be stunned

      2. appalling, causing horror (participle)

        1. horror-causer, appaller (subst)

    4. (Hiphil)

      1. to devastate, ravage, make desolated

      2. to appal, show horror

    5. (Hophal) to lay desolate, be desolated

    6. (Hithpolel)

      1. to cause to be desolate

      2. to be appalled, be astounded

      3. to cause oneself desolation, cause oneself ruin

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
שָׁמֵם shâmêm, shaw-mame'; a primitive root; to stun (or intransitively, grow numb), i.e. devastate or (figuratively) stupefy (both usually in a passive sense):—make amazed, be astonied, (be an) astonish(-ment), (be, bring into, unto, lay, lie, make) desolate(-ion, places), be destitute, destroy (self), (lay, lie, make) waste, wonder.
STRONGS H8074: Abbreviations
† [שָׁמֵם] verb be desoleted, appalled (connection of meanings not clear) (Late Hebrew id.; Jewish-Aramaic שְׁמַם Ithp. be dazed); —
Qal Perfect 3rd person feminine singular שָׁמֵ֑מָה Ezekiel 35:15, etc.; Imperfect 3rd person masculine singular יִשֹּׁם; 1 Kings 9:8 +, 3rd person masculine plural יָשֹּׁ֫מּוּ Job 17:8; Psalm 40:16, etc.; Imperative masculine plural שֹׁ֫מוּ Jeremiah 2:19; Infinitive construct (?) metaplastic שַׁמוֺת Ezekiel 36:3 (Ges§ 67r, but see infra); — תֵּשַׁם, etc. (see [יָשַׁם]) are placed here by most; Ezekiel 6:6 reads תִּישָׁ֑מְנָה, see Ges § 67 p dd; — Participle שׁוֺמֵם Lamentations 3:11 (see also Pō`); feminine שֹׁמֵמָ֔ה (Ges§ 84a s) 2 Samuel 13:20 +; plural שׁוֺמֵמִין Lamentations 1:14, etc.; —
1. be desolated, of Tamar 2 Samuel 13:20 (i.e. deflowered, or deserted; others appalled), of person elsewhere late Lamentations 1:16; נְתָנַנִי שֹׁמֵמָה Lamentations 1:13, שָׂמַ֫נִי שׁ׳ Lamentations 3:11; participle as feminine noun בְּנֵי שׁוֺמֵמָה Isaiah 54:1 (opposed to בְּעוּלָה) [Daniel 8:13Pō`.]; usually of land, etc. (sometimes=deserted), Isaiah 49:8; Ezekiel 33:28 (מֵאֵין עוֺבֵר), Ezekiel 35:12 (read שָֽׁמְמוּ Qr Co Toy Krae; >Kt שׁממה), Ezekiel 35:15; הֶחְָרָבוֺת הַשֹּׁמִמוֺת Ezekiel 36:4 (|| הֶעָרִים הַנֱּעֶזָבוֺת שַׁמּוֺת) Ezekiel 36:3 is probably corrupt, Co שְׁאָט as Ezekiel 36:5, Hi-Sm from שׁמה = נשׁם, Toy reads נָשֹׁם, Krae נָשֹׁם; — participle feminine plural as noun = desolate places Isaiah 49:19; Isaiah 61:4 (both || חֳרָבוֺת), Isaiah 61:4 (compare שְׁמָמָה Isaiah 62:4); = desolations Daniel 9:18, 26.
2. be appalled, awestruck, usually at (עַל) judgments on others, Leviticus 26:32 (H), Jeremiah 2:12 (see II. [חָרֵב]), Ezekiel 26:16; Ezekiel 27:35; Ezekiel 28:19; Isaiah 52:14; Job 17:8, compare 1 Kings 9:8 2 Chronicles 7:12; Jeremiah 18:16; Jeremiah 19:8; Jeremiah 49:17; Jeremiah 50:13; on oneself Psalm 40:16 (עַלעֵֿקֶב). — Isaiah 42:14 see [נשׁם].
Niph. Perfect 3rd person feminine singular נָשַׁ֫מָּה Jeremiah 12:11 +, 3rd person plural נָשַׁ֫נּוּ Zephaniah 3:6 +; Participle feminine נְשַׁמָּה Ezekiel 36:34 +, etc.; — = Qal:
1. be desolated, of roads Leviticus 26:22 (H), Isaiah 33:8, bamoth Amos 7:9 (|| יֶחֱרָ֑בוּ), altars Ezekiel 6:4; compare Ezekiel 25:3; Ezekiel 32:15; Zephaniah 3:6; Zechariah 7:14; Joel 1:17; Psalm 69:26; of lands Ezekiel 29:12; Ezekiel 30:7; Ezekiel 36:34, 35, cities Isaiah 54:3 (opposed to יוֺשִׁיבוּ), compare Ezekiel 36:35; Amos 9:14; Jeremiah 33:10; הַנְּשַׁמָּה Ezekiel 36:36 the desolated (that is, land, in figure).
2. be appalled Jeremiah 4:9; Lamentations 4:5; Ezekiel 4:17; Ezekiel 30:7, with עַל of thing Job 18:20.
Pō`. Participle
1. וֵָֽֽֽאשְׁבָה מְשׁוֺמֵם Ezra 9:3I sat appalled, compare Ezra 9:4
2. transitive appalling, causing horror (DrDan 150 f.): (הַ)שִּׁקּוּץ מְשֹׁמֵם Daniel 11:31, + perhaps Daniel 9:27a (see שִׁקּוּץ); so also שֹׁמֵם שִׁוּ׳ Daniel 12:11 (on שׁ׳ see Ges§ 52s), שֹׁמֵם הַפֶּשַׁע Daniel 8:13 the crime causing horror, and שׁ׳ as noun horror-causer, appaller, Daniel 9:27b.
Hiph. Perfect 2nd person masculine singular הֲשִׁמּ֫וֺתָ Job 16:7, etc.; Imperfect 3rd person masculine singular יַשּׁים (Ges§ 67y) Jeremiah 49:20; Jeremiah 50:45, 3rd person masculine plural suffix וַיְשִׁמֵּם 1 Samuel 5:6, 1st person plural נַשִּׁים Numbers 21:30, etc.; Imperative masculine plural הָשַׁמּוּ (Ges§ 67v) Job 21:5; Infinitive absolute הַשְׁמֵם Micah 6:13; Participle מַשְׁמִים Ezekiel 3:15; —
1. devastate, ravage, accusative of person 1 Samuel 5:6; Ezekiel 20:26; Hosea 2:14 (figurative of vine), Job 16:7; accusative of location Leviticus 26:31, 32 (H) Jeremiah 10:25; Ezekiel 30:12, 14; Psalm 79:7, so (accusative omitted) Numbers 21:30 (poem in J E), Micah 6:13; — Ezekiel 14:8 see שִׂים Hiph.
a. appal, accusative of person, with עַל at, Jeremiah 49:20; Jeremiah 50:45; Ezekiel 32:10.
b. inwardly transitive, וָאֵשֵׁב מִשׁ׳ Ezekiel 3:15 shewing horror, Job 21:5 (Bu Niph. הִשַּׁמוּ).
Hoph. Infinitive construct כָּליְֿמֵי הָשַּׁמָּה (that is הָאָרֶץ) Leviticus 26:34 (H) all the days of (its) being desolate, so Leviticus 26:35; 2 Chronicles 36:21; Aramaizing, בָּהְשַׁמָּה (Ges§ 67y) Leviticus 26:43.
Hithpō`. Imperfect 3rd person masculine singular יִשְׁתּוֺמֵם Psalm 143:4, etc.; —
1. be appalled, astounded, כִּי that, because, Isaiah 59:16; Isaiah 63:5; עַל of thing Daniel 8:27; עבּתוֺכִי יִשְׁתּ׳ Psalm 143:4 (compare 1st person plural נשתומם Ecclus. 43:24).
2. cause oneself desolation, ruin, Ecclesiastes 7:16.

See related Aramaic BDB entry H8075.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Word / Phrase / Strong's Search

Strong's Number H8074 matches the Hebrew שָׁמֵם (šāmēm),
which occurs 86 times in 80 verses in the WLC Hebrew.

Page 1 / 2 (Lev 26:22–Eze 14:8)

Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:22 - ‘And I will send out among you the beasts of the field, which will bereave you of your children and cut down your cattle and reduce your number so that your roads lie H8074 desolate H8074.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:31 - ‘And I will give your cities over as a waste and will make H8074 your sanctuaries desolate H8074, and I will not smell your soothing aromas.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:32 - ‘And I will make H8074 the land desolate H8074, so that your enemies who inhabit it will themselves feel H8074 desolate H8074 because of it.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:34 -

‘Then the land will make up for its sabbaths all the days of the desolation H8074, and you will be in your enemies’ land; then the land will rest and make up for its sabbaths.

Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:35 - ‘All the days of its desolation H8074 it will observe the rest which it did not observe on your sabbaths, while you were living on it.
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 26:43 - ‘For the land will be forsaken by them and will make up for its sabbaths while it is made H8074 desolate H8074 without them. They, meanwhile, will be making up for their iniquity [fn]because they rejected My judgments and their soul loathed My statutes.
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 21:30 -

“But we have cast them down,

Heshbon perishes as far as Dibon,

And we have made H8074 desolate H8074 even to Nophah,

Which reaches to Medeba.”

Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 5:6 -

Now the hand of Yahweh was glorious against the Ashdodites, and He made them desolate H8074 and struck them with tumors, both Ashdod and its territories.

Unchecked Copy Box1Ki 9:8 - “And this house will become [fn]a heap of ruins; everyone who passes by will feel desolate H8074 and hiss and say, ‘Why has Yahweh done thus to this land and to this house?’
Unchecked Copy Box2Ch 7:21 - “As for this house, which was exalted, everyone who passes by it will feel desolate H8074 and say, ‘Why has Yahweh done thus to this land and to this house?’
Unchecked Copy Box2Ch 36:21 - to fulfill the word of Yahweh by the mouth of Jeremiah, until the land had made up for its sabbaths. All the days of its desolation H8074 it kept sabbath [fn]until seventy years were fulfilled.
Unchecked Copy BoxEzr 9:3 - When I heard about this matter, I tore my garment and my robe, and pulled some of the hair from my head and my beard, and sat down in consternation H8074.
Unchecked Copy BoxEzr 9:4 - Then everyone who trembled at the words of the God of Israel on account of the unfaithfulness of the exiles gathered to me, and I sat appalled H8074 until the evening offering.
Unchecked Copy BoxJob 16:7 -

“But now He has exhausted me;

You have made H8074 desolate H8074 all my company.

Unchecked Copy BoxJob 17:8 -

“The upright will be H8074 appalled H8074 at this,

And the innocent will stir up himself against the godless.

Unchecked Copy BoxJob 18:20 -

“Those [fn]in the west are H8074 appalled H8074 at his [fn]fate,

And those [fn]in the east are seized with horror.

Unchecked Copy BoxJob 21:5 -

“Look at me, and be H8074 appalled H8074,

And put your hand over your mouth.

Unchecked Copy BoxPsa 40:15 -

Let those be H8074 [fn]appalled H8074 because of their shame

Who say to me, “Aha, aha!”

Unchecked Copy BoxPsa 69:25 -

May their [fn]camp be H8074 desolate H8074;

May none dwell in their tents.

Unchecked Copy BoxPsa 79:7 -

For they have devoured Jacob

And laid H8074 waste H8074 his [fn]abode.

Unchecked Copy BoxPsa 143:4 -

Therefore my spirit was faint within me;

My heart was H8074 [fn]appalled H8074 within me.

Unchecked Copy BoxEcc 7:16 - Do not be excessively righteous, and do not be overly wise. Why should you make H8074 yourself desolate H8074?
Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 33:8 -

The highways are H8074 desolate H8074, [fn]the traveler has ceased;

He has broken the covenant, he has rejected the cities;

He has no regard for man.

Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 49:8 -

Thus says Yahweh,

“In an acceptable time I have answered You,

And in a day of salvation I have helped You;

And I will guard You and give You for a covenant of the people,

To establish the land, to make them inherit the desolate H8074 [fn]inheritance;

Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 49:19 -

“For your [fn]devastated and desolate H8074 places and your destroyed land

Surely now you will be too cramped for the inhabitants,

And those who swallowed you will be far away.

Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 52:14 -

Just as many were H8074 appalled H8074 at you, My people,

So His appearance was marred more than any man

And His form more than the sons of men.

Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 54:1 -

“Shout for joy, O barren woman, who has not given birth;

Break forth into joyful shouting and cry aloud, you who have not been in [fn]labor;

For more numerous are the sons of the desolate H8074 one

Than the sons of the married woman,” says Yahweh.

Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 54:3 -

“For you will spread abroad to the right and to the left.

And your seed will possess nations

And will resettle the desolate H8074 cities.

Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 59:16 -

And He saw that there was no man,

And was astonished H8074 that there was no one to intercede;

Then His own arm brought salvation to Him,

And His righteousness upheld Him.

Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 61:4 -

Then they will rebuild the ancient waste places;

They will raise up the former desolations H8074;

And they will make new the ruined cities,

The desolations H8074 from generation to generation.

Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 63:5 -

“I looked, and there was no one to help,

And I was astonished H8074, and there was no one to uphold;

So My own arm brought salvation to Me,

And My wrath upheld Me.

Unchecked Copy BoxJer 2:12 -

“Be H8074 appalled H8074, O heavens, at this,

And be horribly afraid, be very devastated,” declares Yahweh.

Unchecked Copy BoxJer 4:9 -

“It will be in that day,” declares Yahweh, “that the heart of the king and the heart of the princes will perish; and the priests will be H8074 appalled H8074, and the prophets will be astonished.”

Unchecked Copy BoxJer 10:25 -

Pour out Your wrath on the nations that do not know You

And on the families that do not call Your name,

For they have devoured Jacob;

They have devoured him and consumed him

And have made H8074 desolate H8074 his [fn]abode.

Unchecked Copy BoxJer 12:11 -

[fn]It has been made a desolation;

Desolate, it mourns [fn]before Me;

The whole land has been made H8074 desolate H8074

Because no man sets it upon his heart.

Unchecked Copy BoxJer 18:16 -

To make their land an object of horror,

An object of perpetual hissing;

Everyone who passes by it will be H8074 [fn]horrified H8074

And shake his head.

Unchecked Copy BoxJer 19:8 - “I will also make this city an object of horror and of hissing; everyone who passes by it will be H8074 [fn]horrified H8074 and hiss because of all its [fn]slaughtering.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 33:10 -

“Thus says Yahweh, ‘Yet again there will be heard in this place, of which you say, “It is a waste, without man and without beast,” that is, in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem that are desolate H8074, without man and without inhabitant and without beast,

Unchecked Copy BoxJer 49:17 -

“Edom will become [fn]an object of horror; everyone who passes by it will [fn]be H8074 horrified H8074 and will hiss at all its wounds.

Unchecked Copy BoxJer 49:20 -

Therefore hear the counsel of Yahweh which He has counseled against Edom, and His purposes which He has purposed against the inhabitants of Teman: surely they will drag them off, even the little ones of the flock; surely He will make H8074 their pasture desolate H8074 because of them.

Unchecked Copy BoxJer 50:13 -

“Because of the wrath of Yahweh she will not be inhabited,

But she will be completely desolate;

Everyone who passes by Babylon will be in desolation H8074

And will hiss because of all her wounds.

Unchecked Copy BoxJer 50:45 - Therefore hear the counsel of Yahweh which He has counseled against Babylon, and His purposes which He has purposed against the land of the Chaldeans: surely they will drag them off, even the little ones of the flock; surely He will make H8074 their [fn]pasture desolate H8074 because of them.
Unchecked Copy BoxLam 1:4 -


The roads [fn]of Zion are in mourning

Because no one comes to the appointed times.

All her gates are desolate H8074;

Her priests are sighing,

Her virgins are grieving,

And she herself [fn]is bitter.

Unchecked Copy BoxLam 1:16 -


“For these things I am weeping;

[fn]My eyes run down with water;

Because far from me is a comforter,

One who restores my soul.

My children are desolate H8074

Because the enemy has prevailed.”

Unchecked Copy BoxLam 4:5 -


Those who ate delicacies

Are desolate H8074 in the streets;

Those [fn]reared in crimson

Embrace ash pits.

Unchecked Copy BoxLam 5:18 -

Because of Mount Zion which lies H8074 desolate H8074,

Foxes walk about in it.

Unchecked Copy BoxEze 3:15 - Then I came to the exiles who lived beside the river Chebar at Tel-abib, and I sat there seven days where they were living, causing H8074 [fn]consternation H8074 among them.
Unchecked Copy BoxEze 4:17 - because bread and water will be lacking; and they will be in desolation H8074 with one another and rot away in their iniquity.
Unchecked Copy BoxEze 6:4 - “So your altars will become H8074 desolate H8074, and your incense altars will be broken; and I will make your slain fall in front of your idols.
Unchecked Copy BoxEze 14:8 - “I will set My face against that man and make him a sign and [fn]a proverb, and I will cut him off from among My people. So you will know that I am Yahweh.

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